03 Jul 2014

Magic Disney Cruise 2014

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Facts & Figures

Event Location: Barcelona, Spain

Event Date: July 2014


Other client events: Magic Disney Cruise 2010-2013, Aida Cruise  2011-2014,  Arcadia, Artemis,  Carnival,  Crystal Serenity, Mein Schiff, Oceana…

  Attenders                      Days Event                             Buses/Day                          Staff

      2.700                     3                               20                           4     

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Event Description

  • Transfers IN / Out – Harbor / Airport
  • Shuttles from Harbor to Hotels
  • Organization transport of Excursions additional in different places of city & Catalonia.
  • Signaling of buses with the general information of schedules and routes.
  • Permanent Communication among the additional Staff with the drivers and with transportation company.
  • Additional & Transportation Staff uniformed.

Contracted Services

    Transport Planing & Mgt

     Vehicle Signs

    Drivers & Teams Uniforms

    Client Online Reporting