The tourism sector is preparing for the return to activity.
27 May 2020

The tourism sector is preparing for the return to activity.

 The return to normality by the tourism sector advances with the opening of beaches and natural parks.
 Work is being done on planning tourist trips and vacation stays starting this July.
 Entities and organizations in the leisure and free time sector also prepare their program of activities and summer centers for this July.

The proposed de-escalation for a return to normality aims for the tourism sector to begin its activity towards the second half of June, since the options that would allow traveling and moving with certain restrictions are opened following the sanitary security protocols and hygiene. The different official organisms encourage to plan the vacations in an environment of proximity and to look for the offers and proposals within the same tourist destination.
Starting in July, the process of returning to normality would already include trips and tourist proposals for foreign visitors, especially from the European Union. The different attached countries work together to establish the protocols and security conditions to be able to travel.
The tourism sector encompasses many participants. From travel agencies, tour operators, booking platforms, accommodation, transportation, catering, companies and entities organizing leisure activities and other logistics operators. It is a complex sector and it also involves many subsectors. All companies and entities interrelate their products and services and try to combine all interests to regain productivity this second part of the year. The tourist ecosystem needs a lot of cooperation between all the actors involved. They work together on hygiene and safety protocols in order to generate traveler confidence. Each segment has specific measures that, in turn, are complementary. The set-up of facilities and services must allow users to be safe so that they can move with confidence. Installation of air purification elements similar to those used in hospitals, implementation of air sterilization systems, application of artificial intelligence systems such as facial recognition or remote measurement of body temperature are some of the elements that we will find at the time to hire or use any of the products and services of tourist destinations. In common spaces, it will be essential to maintain the safety distance and, in many cases, the use of masks, gloves and some other element of protection against contagion will be necessary and we will have to carry them along with the travel luggage, since they are mandatory. when moving or sharing spaces and services.

It is estimated that this 2020 could reach some 36 million international tourists, which would be a figure comparable to that of the year 1978 and represents almost 60% fewer tourists than those who arrived last season. Tourism is a key sector for growth, innovation and competitiveness. Of these estimates, a good part would coincide in the summer season July to September, but in the business tourism segment, which will surely be activated towards the latter part of this year, there are already some actions that predict the start of activity. Fira Barcelona already plans face-to-face events starting in September that would begin with the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week. A first event from September 4th to 10th that plans to offer shows to present the fashion collections of great designers. Although a good part could be done in a digital environment, it will also combine a face-to-face part in events planned at the Montjuïc area site of the Fair facilities. Currently working on safety protocols and the application of sanitary measures that guarantee maximum safety for workers, exhibitors and visitors.

In the air transport sector, there is still uncertainty about the final data on the opening of air connections, both internal to the same region and between different countries. There are already airlines that have started to open their booking platforms for flights scheduled for this June. Even some of the airlines have also planned to recover the connections of transoceanic flights.

Families welcome the development of leisure activities that allow normality to return to the core of families with children. The protocols of the department of education of the autonomous governments foresee a start of leisure activities for this July. In this sense, from the entities and organizations of activities this type of activities try to develop a unitary protocol that allows the recovery of the summer activities for this month of July and guarantee the necessary health measures to avoid any contagion between the groups of children participating. In the case of transport, in order to carry out the different leisure activities, all the protocols for using the service have also been reviewed. Avant grup has updated all the necessary information that can be reviewed on its corporate website where all the updated “Sanitary Measures” appear.

No one yet knows what the future of tourism will be once the coronavirus is left behind and it can return to economic activity with a certain normality. The Institute for Tourism Quality (ICTE) jhas already presented a protocol with sanitary measures for the 12 subsectors related to tourism, but it has not yet been defined how the entire cost of implementation will be faced. The intention of this plan is to make it easier for companies to resume activity, but no territory can be presented as a safe destination if all the protocols are not applied in a coordinated manner between all sectors and subsectors. Having a joint action that transmits security to residents, employees, tourists and visitors would generate credibility and trust in the tourist destination.


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