Ski Tourism. Active Tourism in winter
29 Jan 2020

Ski Tourism. Active Tourism in winter

Snow sports are consolidated as one of the main attractions as indicated by the Tourist Association of Ski and Mountain Resorts – ATUDEM

The Pyrenees, in Catalonia and Aran, concentrate 61.2% of the visitors to the ski resorts. The 2019-2020 season started with good expectations. After a Christmas period in which 100% of all the tracks and ski lifts available for lack of snow were not in operation, after the last snowfall in Jannuary all seasons enjoy an amount and exceptional snow quality.

Ski tourism has become one of the main resources for the winter season and is especially significant in the Lleida Pyrenees, which has 11 ski resorts that generate more than 2,200 direct jobs and more than 7,000 indirect ones. The skiable territory exceeds 500 qmtrs. between alpine and Nordic skiing.
This type of activity is also part of the adventure and nature tourism proposal that is on the rise. In the case of Catalonia, after having obtained the Biosphere certification by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council – GSTC of Unesco, it makes this type of offer more visible and is committed to a model of responsible and environmentally sustainable tourism. The Catalan Pyrenees have a wide range of activities suitable for all audiences and for all seasons.

The different proposals have a notoriety and proximity to nature and architecture, since you can enjoy the natural spaces and Romanesque architecture, thermal baths and traditional cuisine and adapted to each seasonality, although it is in winter when a higher concentration occurs of visitors and athletes who want to enjoy snow tourism and skiing.

Ski station in full activity

The great biodiversity of the Catalan landscape manages to extend the tourist season from the practice of winter sports, especially skiing in all its variables, and activities for the rest of the year that allow rafting, navigation both near the sea and in the rivers, descent of ravines, hang gliding or balloon flights and climbing, to name a few.
Catalonia has become a privileged destination for the practice of nature tourism and ecotourism, another activity that allows you to enter any of the two biosphere reserves that the territory has (Ebro and Montseny).

Active Tourism – Nature Tourism

In Catalonia there are different entities and associations that promote activities in contact with nature. Recently the Nordic march has acquired great notoriety for the increase in practitioners who have suffered in recent times. There are different companies and organizations that carry out leisure activities and technique improvement to practice Nordic walking (Nordic walking).
This sporting activity was initiated by Finnish skiers who used the technique of cross-country skiing, and who put into practice during the summer to train and be able to better reach the winter season. This activity is recognized as one of the most beneficial sports for health. Its main function is to walk. It incorporates canes specially designed for the drive that help to walk with more speed activating almost 90% of the body muscles. As the technique is very important to get all the performance, both from the activity and from the health benefits, it is necessary to practice previously with some classes or technical conferences in which a qualified and accredited instructor or technician provides the necessary knowledge.

Nordic walking tour in group

In addition, different activities and outings are organized that allow you to fully enjoy the Nordic walking. Among them Bendhora that they have a program of activities every season, along with practice and learning sessions or competition days.
In 2000, the International Nordic Walking Federation. was created in Finland. In Spain, in 2005 the first entity was registered, with headquarters in Catalonia, which was registered under the name of Associacio Esportiva Nordic Walking Catalunya, currently based in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona).

Cycling, water sports, hiking, horse riding or ballooning are other proposals for active tourism and contact with nature.

Anyway, if any activity stands out above the rest for its uniqueness, they are balloon flights. Osona and Anoia are two regions with a lot of tradition, and it is no coincidence that every summer the European Ballon Festival, is organized, the most important hot air balloon concentration that takes place in southern Europe. Practicing it is an experience. Throughout the territory there are numerous specialized companies and with proposals that have turned this activity of active tourism into one of the most attractive.

From the air, the beauty of the valleys, fields or mountains seems to multiply and tourists and visitors who enjoy a new experience that gives them freedom and intense emotions.

Although the activities and schedules are very similar and what varies is the environment and the landscape depending on where the different companies promoting balloon flights are located, as an example we can show the ones offered by Kon-tiki, in the Anoia region. A tasting of balloon activities can be done in the following LINK .


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