School Transport




School transport is a service that could not be left out of our wide offer of transport at Avant Grup, coach company Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Seville.

With our wide fleet of coaches and minibuses in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Seville, with capacities ranging from 19 to 70 spaces, equipped with the highest standards of security and comfort, we have the ability to attend all the needs required by schools for transport: school routes, excursions, camps, transfers to and from sporting facilities and other extracurricular activities, end of year trips…

Some of our units are subject to availability, because of their capacity and spaces, when it comes to reserving.

We collaborate with educational centres, adapting to their needs. A study is carried out and an analysis of the whole school calendar is done to coordinate and plan the needs for specific school transport at each centre, which allows us to offert better conditions.

School transport is a service we pay extra attention to. We safeguard all responsibilities that it entails for our human team. All our coaches and minibuses in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Seville, are perfectly equipped with the most advanced and strict measures of security, including safety belts on all seats. From Avant Grup, coach company in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Seville, we want to contribute differentiating values that distinguish our company, thanks to a wide range of experience and specialization of our professionals in the school transport sector.

“The wise never says everything he thinks , but always thinks everything he says”




We work to offer the most profitable conditions to schools in their transfers. Due to our continuous communication with teachers and school management we coordinate and plan the school transport calendar to get the best solution for each school as our main goal. Contact our Commercial Department and you will get the best conditions for each service either if it is a school route, a day trip, a transfer, a camp or a prom trip. That is our commitment to school centres.


In Avant Grup we incorporate the latest technologies to our work as tools for a continuous improvement, we step forward in the communication with schools and parents. We know how important it is to parents to know the coach's exact location, the estimated time of arrival to the stop on the school route or in the day trip. That is why our technical department always pushes forward in the implementation of information and communication systems to ensure a better efficiency in the school transport.


Our broad experience and specialization in the school field has allowed us to stablish collaborative agreements with the main service providers. We cooperate with the school centres in the planning of new tours, we contact camps management, etc. Our Commercial Department will help you with all your needs, either if you need to plan a school route, an itinerary for a prom trip, and in choosing what to visit.
Our knowledge and cooperation are always at our customers disposal.


Avant Grup offers its modern coach fleet fitted to meet all the safety needs that school transportation requires. Our coaches and minibuses are equipped with seat belts in all their seats. By fitting this and many other safety features we have gone ahead of the road safety regulations. We know how important it is ,to schools and parents, safety in school transport so in order to grant it we integrate prevention, control and maintenance programs in our buses.



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