Our mission is to contribute to sustainable mobility. Collective transport is a possibility, but it’s an even better achievement to find the optimum solution for mobility in each moment. A company betters its functioning and results thanks to their workers grade of satisfaction. The people who constitute a company value very positively the actions the company takes to better their quality of life. When the satisfaction is higher, their competence and commitment with the company grows.

Most companies have workers that are driven daily to their offices in their private cars. Many hours a week are spent on the road, generating dissatisfaction when it comes to quality of life, and also contributing to the deterioration of the environment.

Avant Grup, coaches for companies in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Seville, works on the development of applications that will contribute to the development of mobility solutions and that will contribute to the reduction of contaminating emissions.

We put all our experience and technology at the service of the companies to find the best option for the transportation of their workers. It is a type of transport that contributes to the reduction of time on the road, and a better quality of life for the people who form the company.

Planning routes and transfers, connectivity with the vehicles thanks to the technology our fleet possesses, are some of the solutions and benefits that companies that trust in Avant Grup are offered.

With our fleet of coaches and minibuses in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Seville, with our vehicles of different capacities, we cover the needs of the businesses transfers to the offices or any other activity they require such as celebrations, seminars, conventions or training programmes. We also have a wide range of vehicles and luxury minivans with a driver to provide service to higher executives transfers, whether it’s for corporative reasons or for the transfer of clients the company may have to receive.

Ask our technical team and get to know the advantages of working with us.

“The only difference between me and a madman is that I’m not mad.”

Salvador Dalí




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GASTRONOMY AND OTHER IMPORTED TRADITIONS. All Hallows’ Day, on the first of November, is a festival dedicated to the memory of our ancestors. It is originally an ancient pagan tradition celebrated all over Europe, in which the completion of all the harvests and the end of the good weather associated with the worship of the souls of deceased relatives is assimilated. One of the most traditional customs of this celebration is the visit to the…

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The evolution of the tourism model.

Local tourism in Catalonia. Discovering the land. The tourism sector has been greatly affected by the situation caused by the Covid19 . Obviously, the countries with the greatest tradition of tourist receptivity are those that are suffering the most. In the short term, we can only hope that the pandemic will subside and that the health and hygiene protocols will be able to restore confidence and attract new tourists and visitors from the countries closest…

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Routes through towns and cities with an impressive monumental heritage. Small medieval villages, old quarters steeped in history and beautiful rural areas close to large cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Bilbao.  These are perfect places to discover interesting traditions, popular festivities and the most typical cuisine. Here are some of Spain’s charming towns. There are lots to discover all over the country. Inland you can find medieval villages and towns which still preserve…

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