Avant Grup Safety

Coaches are among the safest passengers’ means of transportation in the world.  The technological innovations, the drivers’ professionalization and training, have been decisive to this end. In Avant Grup we take our clients’ safety as a personal responsibility, and so we work hard on this matter on a daily basis.

Safety is not the sum of individual measures, but the result of a wide and transversal concept implemented in every process and element of our company’s management:

  • The vehicles: provided with active and passive safety measures, as well as a thorough preventive maintenance system.
  • Drivers: in continuous training in the fields of safety and international regulations on driving and resting.
  • Passengers: implementing protocols to ensure they know the necessary safety instruction for their trips.

If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.”


The way we improve safety


Our company makes a thorough preventive maintenance to of all the safety systems and equipment implemented in our vehicle fleet.
These preventive actions ensure the perfect technical working of our vehicles, and especially those of the safety systems.
This process is carried out through inspections as well as with the help of automatic internal alarms managed by and advanced computerized system.

Quality Controls

The vehicles incorporated to our fleet go through an extensive array of quality controls. This controls are carried out by the most prestigious engine and body parts makers.
Our quality department also carries out a pre-delivery quality check according to the Internal Norm established in the Avant Grup’s ISO 9001 manual, for vehicle acquisition.
Every single vehicle in the fleet undergoes a safety audit in a regular basis.


Top level safety and comfort are ensured by following the company’s criteria in every vehicle.
A plausible events control is carried out during the preventive maintenance in order to make the proper corrections and have a follow-up of the repairs.


When acquiring new vehicles for the company’s fleet, the most demanding criteria is applied when selecting the suppliers for the different equipments, specially those involving the coaches’ passive and active safety features.

Internal Regulations

Our company dedicates a considerable effort in the fulfilment of the safety regulations. But we also have the collaboration of our customers and passengers in order to carry out safer and more enjoyable trips.
In our passengers section you will find safety advices to be taken in consideration for a safer trip.

Constant Communication

In the safety field our company, advices and provides continuous formation to its employees.
At the same time, we keep direct communication with our customers and passengers during which we provide them with easy to understand educational safety content for a proper acknowledgement.

Avant Grup Safety