Avant Grup Passengers Safety


For Avant Grup, the number one leader coaches company in Barcelona, passengers’ safety is our priority. That is the reason behind spending so much time and effort in its improvement.  Or coaches are fitted with the most advanced safety systems. The vehicles go through very thorough technical inspections in order to grant top of the line safety and reliability. We have implanted a continuous training calendar for all the company’s staff that ensures the perfect acknowledgement of the safety innovations and regulations fitted into our vehicles.

Our concerns about safety go beyond our drivers training and thorough coach inspections. The safety protocols are communicated to our passengers at the beginning of every trip. This ensures a proper comprehension of the active and passive safety equipment in our buses.


Keep the aisle and emergency exits clear.

The driver is a professional, picked and trained especially in safety protocols. Please, always, follow his/her indications.

All the coaches are fitted with fire extinguishers as a precaution measure. They are located at the front section of the bus by the driver, and at the centre portion of it under the seats.

The co-driver seat can only be used by authorized personnel: a second driver or an official guide.

The door opening lever is easy to spot as it is located by the doors. It can only be operated while the vehicle is stopped. By activating it the doors will immediately unlock and open.

All coaches have a first aid kit in the front section of the vehicle and it is identified with a pictogram.

Eating and drinking alcohol is not allowed inside the bus

It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the coach.

Please locate the emergency exits and evacuation systems as soon as you get on the vehicle.

Please leave your hand bag in the intended places. Make sure it does not overhang nor is left in a way it makes it possible to fall down.

The coach is equipped with glass-breaking emergency hammers located near the windows indicated as emergency exits. Use them only if exiting through the doors is not possible.

During the trip try to remain seated and don’t get up until the vehicle comes to a full stop.

All seats are fitted with seat belts, and wearing it during the is mandatory. You could be finned with a €300 if you don’t wear it.

The current regulations forbid animal transportation inside the vehicle’s cabin, except for guide dogs. They also forbid toxic and inflammable substances transportation

Do not use the emergency door opening systems without justification.

Do not distract the driver while he/she is driving. If you need to tell him/her anything, please wait until the vehicle is parked.

Video - safety tips for coach traveling