ROUTES around Catalonia. Discovering the territory.
25 Feb 2021

ROUTES around Catalonia. Discovering the territory.

BARCELONA, a leading tourist destination, has a wide range of themed routes.

Barcelona is one of the most popular European destinations for congress, convention and event tourism (MICE). As it awaits the recovery of activity in this segment, work is underway to begin the process of recovery. Public organisations, entities and event organisers have been joining forces to apply and implement health and hygiene measures to ensure the safety of tourists and visitors, while at the same time demanding that the health authorities speed up the vaccination process to guarantee a safe tourist destination.

Technological innovations could also play a decisive role in meeting tourism, especially in the recovery of the activity and in guaranteeing health safety. Congress organisers (PCOs) are also keeping an eye on new proposals, possible changes in the regulations on health measures and restrictions on common spaces in order to be able to organise events which, initially, could be in a hybrid format combining the presence of delegates and virtual and online follow-up events. In any case, the reality is that a congress or a trade fair has a value that cannot be replaced by a virtual connection.

Virtual meetings, for the moment, proliferate for small groups or to add a specific person to a face-to-face meeting. Trade fairs and congresses do not foresee any process of disappearance, although new technologies have been transforming them. Much progress has been made in innovation in access control, capacity control in closed spaces to guarantee physical distance, the application of proposals and onLine programmes that can count on the virtual presence of some speakers who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend the event or have had difficulties in travelling. This variable makes it possible to increase and enrich the content of each event.

Apart from business tourism, the rest of the sector involved in tourist activities such as culture, gastronomy and leisure have also applied all the necessary protocols to adapt to health safety regulations and are awaiting the mobility extensions that will allow tourists and visitors to be able to move around. Some booking centres have already detected a significant number of enquiries and travel bookings from this summer onwards. The European Union, in particular, is working on a common certificate for all countries, like a health passport, which could guarantee free travel between countries for people who have tested negative in a recent PCR test or who have already been vaccinated. It is also in this sense that the various sectors, not necessarily linked to tourism, are asking the administrations to speed up the vaccination process among the population.

As mobility has so far been restricted to the regional ambit, the cities have been promoting their more tourist-oriented environment for local travel. It is precisely the thematic routes that are the most attractive for visitors and residents of the different towns and cities that offer family programmes of this kind. Catalonia’s tourist destination is very complete in this respect and private initiative and the different tourist promotion bodies have worked together to develop programmes adapted to current regulations, both in terms of restrictions on capacity and opening hours and in terms of the necessary health measures and protocols.


Barcelona city stands out with numerous themed routes that allow you to follow the city’s history from its Roman colonial times to its current modern and cosmopolitan character, without overlooking the mark left on it by great geniuses of art and culture.

Some examples of the routes that generate the most visitors:

Ruta Modernista

The style emerged in all its glory at the end of the 19th century to reveal itself in hundreds of extremely beautiful buildings which line the way.

Ruta Gaudí

The Gaudí landmarks in Barcelona give a greater understanding of one of the most famous architects who ever worked in the city.

Ruta Contemporània

Barcelona is known throughout the world for its architecture. This is why the city didn’t want to fall behind in the race to have some of the world’s finest contemporary buildings.

Ruta Romana

Barcino, the Roman city founded in the 1st century BC, has left us a valuable legacy, which can be found in the Gothic Quarter, the site of the early walled city.

Empresa Autocares Barcelona


The tourist destination of Catalonia has a large number of tourist routes. At present, due to mobility restrictions, only those close to the place of residence can be followed. It is precisely this wide offer throughout the territory that allows each region to fully enjoy its itineraries and routes. There are numerous routes available for hiking, cycle touring, horse riding, mountain trekking and other itineraries that allow you to discover the surroundings of each county in comfort and at the same time comply with the mobility restrictions in force during these weeks.

For families or groups whose main residence is in the Pyrenees, there are also a good number of themed routes in a natural mountain setting, such as the 3 Valleys. In inland Catalonia there are also outstanding routes such as the route through the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park or the Carrilet Route. And in the southern part of Catalonia there are also other very attractive routes, with those in the area around the Ebro Delta being the most popular. There is a complete programme of itineraries and routes to discover.

Routes along the Llobregat River.

Ideal for families, on foot or by bicycle. Different routes from the Can Rosal colony in Puig-reig, to Manresa or Sant Vicenç de Castellet.

Routes from Vallès to Maresme area,

Through the Serra de Marina. Inland and beach routes.

Circular routes.

They allow you to enjoy different landscapes from the beginning to the end.

Routes with history.

From the last remains of dinosaurs to the most avant-garde architecture, there are numerous itineraries throughout the territory that accumulate many pages of history.