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Avant Grup Día de la Tierra

Today, April 22, we celebrated the International Mother’s Earth Day. The IPCC concludes that it is essential to reduce profoundly and, in most cases, immediately the emission of greenhouse gases in all sectors. Anton Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, declared that “it...

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International nature day

Today, 3rd March, is the Nature World’s Day. Sharing the private car or taking the public transport, as the coach or subway, have a real incidence in the environment of the cities. In this way, AVANT GRUP has the newest fleet, with EUROVI motor…

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EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK. – “For a mobility without emissions”

THE INITIATIVE AIMS TO PROMOTE SUSTAINABLE, SAFE AND HEALTHY MOBILITY HABITS. – European Mobility Week is a campaign aimed at raising awareness, both among citizens and politicians, of the negative consequences that irrational vehicle use in cities can have on both public health and…

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