Avant Grup is a coach company in Barcelona, founded in 2004, that was born as a result of the business integration of the coach companies Bardet and Canals Coaches; two family companies with more than 50 years of experience in the road passenger transport sector and that currently has different branches and delegations that allow us to cover the transport needs of our clients throughout the national territory.

With the vocation and commitment to satisfy the needs of our clients and to respond to the new threats of the international market, Avant Grup is constituted as an innovative integral logistics platform of passenger transport services, highly technological and professional, and capable of efficiently attending to the demands of services in the national and international market with destination Spain and Portugal.

The main objective of the staff of Avant Grup is to offer an integral proposal of solutions for the mobility of people. This vocation has allowed us to generate new spaces of interrelation and commitment to society and its transport needs.

From Avant Grup, a coach company with its headquarters in Barcelona, we contribute with differential values, which distinguish us from the rest of the companies in our sector, and which are guaranteed by our trajectory and long experience. This new proposal includes improvements in logistics management, technology, training of our professionals, permanent innovation and commitment to respect the environment.

We have a large and modern fleet of  coaches in Barcelona,

with more than 180 vehicles, including minibuses, coaches of different capacities, private vehicles and luxury vans with drivers. We have offices and delegations to provide mobility solutions in Spain and Portugal.

All our coaches are equipped with the most advanced safety and comfort systems, driven by perfectly trained professional experts and with all the necessary information applied to the performance of their duties, in a continuous training system, which allows them to acquire new knowledge and experience in safe and efficient driving.

At Avant Grup, a coach company in Barcelona, we offer a wide range of services, among which we highlight: school transport, transport of personnel to their work centres, services for companies, transfers, circuits and excursions, transport for congresses, conventions and events, tourism, services for cruises, private services and transport for sports and cultural organisations. We always look for the most efficient and adjusted solution to any need.

If you want to enjoy comfort, safety and elegance, in a fleet cared for in detail, with an innovative design, both inside and outside, and have the experience of a unique journey, you should only trust the largest and most modern fleet of coaches in Barcelona.

Tell us about your travel needs, whether it is a simple transfer, a visit to a city, a circuit, an excursion or the organisation of the most complex congress and leave it in our hands.

The Avant Grup transport company has different operational bases, distributed in different locations in Spain and Portugal. Our wide range of services provides our clients with a global and integrated solution throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

Our reservation system is centralised at the BARCELONA base, which is responsible for attending to the different mobility needs of our clients around the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

An optimal, comfortable and safe service for our clients, from the hand of Avant Grup, a coach company in Barcelona.

Avant Grup constitutes a new integral logistics platform of services, which includes an innovative computer management system that allows on-line hiring and personalized management of services. The company has a technical department of research and development that allows it to consolidate its innovation projects.

” The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more


Jonas Edward Salk


Avant Grup, a coach company in Barcelona, has its origin at the end of the 1950s, when two young entrepreneurs started a business adventure, founding two family coach companies.  In a difficult social situation, in which the country’s economy was slowly beginning to recover, they saw clearly the mobility that people were going to need in the near future..

Autocares Canals in Barcelona and Bardet Autocares in Sabadell (Vallès Occidental) grew and developed in parallel, thanks to their personal and family endeavours.

Two family companies that, based on the development of tourism in Barcelona thanks to the celebration of the Olympic Games in 1992, directed their energies towards this emerging sector in the city, adapting the fleets and structures of the two companies to the new needs demanded by the market, consolidating themselves as benchmark coach companies in the tourism sector.

At the beginning of the 21st century, and in view of the new horizon presented by Barcelona, with the increase in cruise and congress activity, they decided to undertake a new innovative project. With the aim of giving a global response to the challenges that this growth demanded, they founded a new company and unified the corporate image of the three coach companies and the entire fleet, giving rise to what is now known as Avant Grup, a coach company in Barcelona.

The result is a business group that offers a fleet of Barcelona coaches, with a homogeneous aesthetics of more than 180 units, made up of coaches, minibuses and luxury vehicles and vans with drivers.



Our mission and objective is to be able to satisfy the expectations of our clients. In Avant Grup we work with an integral management system for the continuous improvement of all processes. Our quality controls implemented in all functional areas of the company guarantee a strict control and monitoring, with the only purpose of improve day by day and offer the best quality of service to our customers.


We are committed to the preservation of the environment. We are committed to a rational use of resources, improving energy efficiency and generating sustainable economic activity. We collaborate with companies and institutions in order to implement a sustainable collective transport. This is one of our commitments and we do not stop looking for solutions that allow the reduction of emissions.


Our staff training plans, whether technical or driving, allow for an improvement in the knowledge and skills of the workers. Thanks to our continuous improvement systems, we detect the training needs of our technicians and drivers, which allows us to design appropriate training actions that guarantee the professional development and qualification of the people and, at the same time, offer a better quality of service.


We understand that there are things that cannot be toyed with, and that is why we are moving forward with safety regulations, for our peace of mind and that of our clients. We incorporate all the security systems in our coaches, minibuses and luxury vehicles and vans with driver. We implement preventive maintenance plans that guarantee the perfect state of our fleet at all times.


Certified with the ISO hallmarks in UNE 9001:2015 and the Biosphere Commitment seal of tourist quality, our control and quality systems guarantee the daily satisfaction of thousands of users.


We are committed to innovation as a path to permanent quality, hence the use of new technologies as a working tool in all our management processes and as a means to increase our response capacity and customer service.
In addition, our R&D department is constantly working to improve our own systems and to develop and adapt sustainable transport proposals. Avant Grup, always at the forefront of innovation.


Quality, our reason for being.nuestra razón de ser.


Certified with the UNE 9001:2015, ISO 13816, ISO39001, ISO45001 and ISO 14001 ISO labels, the Biosphere certificate of commitment to sustainable tourism and the Environmental Quality Guarantee Distinction, our control and quality systems guarantee the daily satisfaction of thousands of users.


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The experience accumulated in our more than 50 years of history allows us to offer the best solutions and quality in our services.

Specialized in the sectors of Tourism, Congresses, Conventions and Cruises, we manage the mobility of thousands of passengers daily in their transfers, visits, excursions…

We put at your disposal a team of professional experts in the management and organization of logistics and transport.

A modern fleet, with an elegant and diverse aesthetic proposal, in the hands of a team of professional drivers and in continuous training, guarantees the success of our services.

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Turismo 30%
Congresos y Convenciones 25%
Cruceros 18%
Transporte Escolar 12%
Entidades y Asociaciones 10%
Otros 5%