Modernity and Respect for the Environment. New buses for the Avant Grup fleet.
22 Feb 2018

Modernity and Respect for the Environment. New buses for the Avant Grup fleet.


In its policy of improvement and constant fleet renewal in order to have the best vehicles on the market and manage the demand for mobility especially in events, congresses, cruise tourism and activities of educational centers, Avant Grup has incorporated 15 new vehicles (coaches) ) to its fleet this beginning of 2018, in an investment that exceeds 3.5M. of euros.

These are different units equipped with the most advanced safety and comfort systems, and with EURO VI engines with very low CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

MERCEDES Tourism Buses Model

The new Mercedes Tourism offers our passengers a high level of comfort and safety.
Responsibility is a serious issue. That is why Mercedes-Benz pursues the vision of accident-free driving. The MercedesBenz integral safety concept contributes substantially to achieving this aim. By systematically implementing its safety philosophy, this concept covers all stages of vehicle safety: from handling safety through safety in hazardous situations and protection in the event of an accident to minimizing the consequences. Thanks to leading-edge BlueTec® diesel technology based on SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), nitrogen oxide emissions have been reduced by up to 30% while particulate emissions have been cut by up to 80%, compared to Euro3-Euro4-Euro5 engines.


Neoplan Coaches – TOURLINER Model

The new Tourliner is already impressive from the first glance. It is the new member of the Neoplan family and offers an exceptional level of comfort in travel, as well as a high efficiency in comfort and safety. This model has been created with an elegant avant-garde design, high quality materials and a new concept of particularly harmonious lighting. From the first moment the vehicle is accessed, the feeling of well-being is impressive.
The Tourliner also stands out for its successful combination of dynamics and design, equipped with sophisticated technology and a high-performance vehicle that achieves a remarkable economy by consuming 10% less fuel than other models. The maintenance and repair costs have also been reduced in this model.
NEOPLAN Tourliner – Technology and comfort at the highest level


MAN LION’S coach Model

It’s even more confident new look exudes power and efficiency, and it is impossible to miss its technological enhancements. The optimised driveline and innovative assistance systems guarantee you enhanced engine performance, even though fuel consumption is reduced.
Featuring a brand new design inside and out, the new Lion’s Coach adds to its stylish and dynamic look.

The MAN Lion‘s Coach impresses with its self-confident appearance, which radiates enormous power and safety. The successful and consistent blend of cosy ambience and passenger comfort is apparent into the interior. The new, large glass skylights flood the interior with extra light, adding an extra dimension of brightness. At the same time, the high UV filter provides protection against too much sunlight. The seats are equipped with everything that the modern passenger needs for the commodity.

AVANT GRUP.- Sustainability and respect for the environment.

The Generalitat of Catalonia (Catalan Government) awards Avant Grup the Catalan eco-label.

We are committed to the environment conservation that is why we encourage a rational usage of the resources. We do so by improving our energetic efficiency and generating a sustainable economy.

Avant Grup is fully committed with a quality service provided to its clients and zero emission free strategies.
We support the rational use of resources, the improvement of energy efficiency and the generation of sustainable economic activity. We collaborate with companies and institutions in order to implement a sustainable collective transport of CO2 emissions. All new vehicles are equipped with Euro 6 engines in accordance with European regulations and that we have already incorporated since 2014.
Avant Grup is putting its trust in the effort, with these new Euro VI engines, but also constancy and perseverance; we guarantee to all our travellers live a unique and sustainable experience aboard our coaches, protecting the culture of our country and reducing the impact of our vehicles on the environment.
Already at that time, in Avant Grup we have been pioneers and we have anticipated the deadlines set in the use of his predecessor, Euro V engines, and today our fleet is composed of new vehicles, which not only satisfies our travellers with this new generation of engines, but with a whole new line of innovations that ensure a relaxing, calm and economical driving.

We collaborate with companies and institutions with the sole goal of implanting a sustainable collective transport.
Also our corporate headquarters are in a sustainable building, where the external luminosity causes a significant energy saving. All this gives enough confidence for tour operators and congress organizers whose purpose is sustainability, continue to hire us.