NEW VEHICLES – Buses Avant Grup.
31 Oct 2016

NEW VEHICLES – Buses Avant Grup.

Panoramic view of fleet

Empresa Autocares Barcelona

Safety, comfort and environmental respect.

Avant Grup is putting its trust in the effort, with these new Euro VI engines, but also constancy and perseverance; we guarantee to all our travellers live a unique and sustainable experience aboard our coaches, protecting the culture of our country and reducing the impact of our vehicles on the environment.

In this October, following our program of investment in fleet renewal, our company has built new units in January, July and October 2016, following the most demanding parameters of safety, comfort and respect for the environment. During this year they have built 29 new vehicles of different capacities. The main manufacturers is Iveco, Mercedes and Scania models.








In this October we have new models type Microbus Iveco Daily and coaches with capacity of 54 seats model MercedesIrizar I6. In all new units, it is the incorporation of the most advanced active safety systems:

  • The adaptive cruise control widens the automatic speed control system functions by adding a radar sensor in order to automatically keep the safety distance with the vehicle in front of the coach, within the limitations of the system.
  • The Advanced Emergency Breaking System uses a radar system to detect vehicles ahead and automatically calculates the difference in speed regarding our own vehicle.
  • The Lane Departure Warning (LDW) system’s goal is to let know the driver that a possible distraction has made the vehicle to move out of its lane.
  • The Antiblock Break System consists of a set of sensor in each wheel measuring the revolutions per minute (rpm) and transfer that information to a central console.
  • The Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS), is an intelligent suspension system which grants the stability, optimal weight distribution, passenger and safety comfort.
  • ESC-ESP.- The Electronic Stability Control (ESC), is an active system that increases the stability and thus the safety when driving. The ESC helps to prevent skidding when taking curves as well as when making sudden lane changes.
  • – The Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) system determines how much force has to be applied to each break in order to get the best stop for a vehicle without loosing control.


Avant Grup, is always aware of environmental needs and climate change, backed by European legislation it provides in their buses with the Euro VI engines, a new generation for buses with zero CO2 emissions.

CO2 emissions from transport in the European Union now constitute 3.5% of the global CO2 emissions. In this situation, a change was needed to promote the hopeful future. By the hand of Mercedes-Benz, the development of Euro VI engines has achieved a new milestone which combines outstanding performance, with low fuel consumption and exemplary environmental compatibility. Already at that time, in Avant Grup we have been pioneers and we have anticipated the deadlines set in the use of his predecessor, Euro V, and today our fleet is composed of new vehicles, which not only satisfies our travellers with this new generation of engines, but with a whole new line of innovations that ensure a relaxing, calm and economical driving.


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