International nature day
03 Mar 2022

International nature day

Today, 3rd March, is the Nature World’s Day. Sharing the private car or taking the public transport, as the coach or subway, have a real incidence in the environment of the cities. In this way, AVANT GRUP has the newest fleet, with EUROVI motor whose offer the lowest CO2 emissions on the market, according the parameters of the European regulations. Also, we are distingued with the “Environmental Quality in Vehicle Fleets” level and the certification Biosphere Tourism (a revolutionary system that notify the real level of sustanibility of any company and reconigze our compromise with the targets of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 169 goals.


We are part of the United Nations Covenant, where it’s spified that the companies should keep a preventive view in the preservation of the environment.


AVANT GRUP is aware with the environment care and, for this reason, in all of its activities the compromise of the nature and the flight against the polution through the control systems, save and reciclying is present.


In consequence, we communicate the present Policy to all the staff who works in our company or who is relationed with our company, including the clients and the partners, in order to do them participate of those compromises.