Tourist information of Catalonia in 2017
17 Jan 2018

Tourist information of Catalonia in 2017

CATALONIA.- Tourist Destination


The total number of  foreign tourists arriving in Catalonia increased by 5,5% on the year–over–year data for 2017.

According to the country of habitual residence, among the majority countries of origin, Germany and United Kingdom registered a 1,3% and 4,9% positive year-on-year variation, and France registered negative rate (−0,4%).

In relation to tourists and visitors during last year, those from the USA (27.9%) and Russia (22.7%), have been the markets where the increases have been more significant.

The total number of overnight stays has also increased by 4%, reaching almost 83 million during 2017, the highest in recent years.

On the other hand, leisure and holiday overnight stays have also increased considerably.



The total expenditure made by foreign tourists whose principal destination was Catalonia stood at 19.050,5 million euro for 2017, which represents a year-over-year increase of 9,1%.

By country of habitual residence, France stand out with a total expenditure of 2.395,9 million, United States with a total expenditure of 2.110,2 million and United Kingdom with a expenditure of 1.665,6 million. The average daily expenditure person was 168,1 euros. The main statistical items correspond to expenditure on the international transport (not included in the tour package) with 29.9% and expenditure on activities (22.7%).

This surge is benefiting region’s economy, as tourism accounts for 15% of Catalonia’s GDP.

These results have been valued very positively by official agencies and tourism promotion board.

Empresa Autocares Barcelona

Environmental Quality Distinctive for AVANT GRUP.

Avant Grup has an environmentally friendly fleet of vehicles, and respect for the environment


Avant Grup SL, a coaches and microbuses company in Barcelona, ​​has obtained the eco-label.

To minimize the environmental impacts of the fleet, the badge encourages the collection of data for further analysis, evaluation and monitoring. It is a useful tool for the logistics managers of each company to make the right decisions and make a better management.

Currently, there are 43 fleets of different transport companies, both travellers and freight, which already have this distinctive, which in total includes a fleet of more than 6000 vehicles with low emissions.

In Avant Grup, we are committed to the environment conservation that is why we encourage a rational usage of the resources. We do so by improving our energetic efficiency and generating a sustainable economy.
The ISO quality certification according to the UNE 9001:2008 regulation, as well as the SICTED Tourism Quality badge, and our quality controls ensure the daily satisfaction of thousands of users.


Avant Grup always aware of the environmental needs and climate change, backed by European regulations, has in its fleet Euro VI engines the new generations for coaches with zero CO2emissions.

CO2 emissions from transport in the European Union currently account for 3.5% of global CO2 emissions. In the face of this situation, a change was needed to promote this hopeful future for which each and every one of us watches over. With the help of Man, Mercedes-Benz, Scania or Volvo, the development of EURO VI engines has achieved a new milestone that combines extraordinary performance with low consumption and exemplary environmental compatibility.

Already at Avant Grup, we were pioneers and we advance to the established deadlines in the use of its predecessor, the Euro V engine, and today our fleet is integrated by new vehicles that not only convince with this new generation of engines, but also with a whole new range of innovations that guarantee a relaxed, serene and profitable driving.