Tourist information of Catalonia in 2016.
10 Jan 2017

Tourist information of Catalonia in 2016.

Foreign tourist spending has increased.

The number of foreign tourists arriving in Catalonia decreased by 1.4% on the year–over–year data for November 2016. According to the country of habitual residence, among the majority countries of origin, Germany and United Kingdom registered a 37.6% and 26.4% positive year-on-year variation, and la France registered negative rate (−30.1%).

On the other hand, according to the reason for the trip, leisure and holiday increased by 3.7% and professional reasons decreased by 9.9%.

The total expenditure made by foreign tourists whose principal destination was Catalonia stood at 982 million euro for November 2016, which represents a year-over-year increase of 1.9%. By country of habitual residence, France stand out with a total expenditure of 99 million, United States with a total expenditure of 79 million and United Kingdom with a expenditure of 71 million. The average daily expenditure person was 171 euros, a figure that represents an increase of 22.6%. The main statistical items correspond to expenditure on the international transport (not included in the tour package) with 29.9% and expenditure on activities (22.7%).


Catalonia registered last August a record hotel occupancy. The number of tourists who stayed in Catalonia’s hotels stood at 2,471,133 people, a 4.47% increase in comparison to last year, which constitutes the highest figure ever registered for this month of the year. This surge is benefiting region’s economy, as tourism accounts for 15% of Catalonia’s GDP.

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2017. – Year of Accessible Tourism

Accessible tourism has become one of the main strategic lines pursued by the Catalan Tourist Board. Today, Catalonia is a reference destination for accessible tourism in Spain, with more than 1,100 tourist resources providing facilities for people with disabilities, reduced mobility or special needs.

To this end, in recent years, Catalonia has worked for the suppression of architectural and communication barriers in order to convert the country’s main attractions into obstacle-free sites for people with disabilities of any kind. This is a social right for everyone, as well as generating benefits by highlighting quality tourism facilities.

The tool that the CTB uses to promote all integrated and adapted facilities in Catalonia is the website

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