Cruise activity in Barcelona
18 Oct 2015

Cruise activity in Barcelona

Cruise activity in ‘Port de Barcelona’ generates 413.2 million euros in revenue, which means a 2.2 million daily turnover. According to a study from the University of Barcelona (UB) released this Tuesday, direct and indirect expenses from cruisers, shipping companies and crews amounts to 796 million euros and most of it stays in Barcelona. The study also shows that the cruise activity generates around 7,000 jobs and has other positive effects on the Catalan economy such as the increase of activity at ‘Aeroport del Prat’. In terms of tax revenues, 152 million euros benefitting Catalonia and the whole of Spain are collected from cruise activity, besides the tourist tax.

The Catalan capital is the main beneficiary of this activity, since 75% of the profits stay in the city of Barcelona (a 313.4 million euros contribution to the GDP and 5,039 jobs in absolute terms).

Cruiser profiles

According to figures released by Barcelona Tourism based on a survey of 3,100 cruise passengers, the study established the profile of travellers who visit the Catalan capital. Cruise passengers who visit the city without staying overnight spend on average 4.3 hours in Barcelona, representing 57.5% of total passenger movements. The “turnaround” cruise passengers (who start and end their route in Barcelona) stay on average 2.6 nights and account for 23.9% of total movements, while the remaining 18.6% correspond to passengers who get on the boat in the city without staying overnight or visiting it.


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