Easter Week in Catalonia. Local tourism.
12 Mar 2018

Easter Week in Catalonia. Local tourism.

Discovering the Territory

On the one hand the inland regions of Barcelona hide many places where living in harmony with nature is still possible. A territory that invites you to discover chapels, castles and historic relics from different periods.

And on the other, the sea is the starting point of a territory where you can enjoy very intense sensations. With its unique modernist heritage, its breath-taking natural areas and a strong tradition of wine tourism.

In contrast, nature lovers can find a captivating landscape with spectacular mountains and a land of myths and legends. Discover the region through its country life, gastronomic delights and outdoor activities.

Easter Week framed between March 24 and April 2 of this year. There are some recommendations and tourist experiences to take into account.

A good way to start Easter is to celebrate Palm Sunday in Vic. In the morning, you can get the palms at the town’s most historical market and, at dusk, during the Procession of the Armed, you will have the opportunity to commemorate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem over two thousand years ago.

On the evening of Maundy Thursday, you can join the Procession of the Mysteries, in which people walk the streets of Badalona in total silence holding candles. If you can get to the Parish Church before the procession floats leave, you will not regret it: The Song of the Passion that opens the ritual is spectacular!

Good Friday is the perfect day to attend one of the Passion Plays organised in the province. The most famous are in Olesa de Montserrat and Esparreguera. With performances, scenery, lighting and first-rate musical accompaniment, you will understand why they have been added to Spain’s list of Traditional Festivals of National Interest and will soon become Heritage of Humanity masterpieces.

The resurrection of Jesus is celebrated in Catalonia with the traditional Mona de Pascua Easter Cake. Consisting of a sponge cake decorated with candied fruit and chocolate eggs, it is one of the province’s most popular and typical sweet foods at Eastertime.


Some travel ideas for group or family sharing:

  • Osona is a land where the past and the present shake hands tightly. Traces of the shepherds, bandits and soldiers who travelled down its tracks are perceived as clearly as their stories.
  • The Bages region strong character is defined by its wheat fields and vines, small hamlets with cobbled streets and over a thousand metres high peaks. It is a land full of contrasts in the heart of Catalonia.
  • This is a land of farmers, sailors and artists, who live both with the peace of nature and the din of the party. In El Garraf region you can discover beaches, curious limestone landscapes and some interesting modernist heritage
  • Among beaches and peaks, the Maresme region is the quintessential Mediterranean paradise. An ideal place for water sports, with many alternative activities to also enjoy the mountains.
  • Inviting hiking trails for you to slip on your walking boots. A short distance from Barcelona, there are 16 natural parks, where you can go to enjoy the countryside.
  • An alternative to the usual mountain destinations. In Pirineus Barcelona, ​​follow in the footsteps of the Cathars. A trans-Pyrenean route that goes from the Sanctuary of Queralt in Berga to Château de Montségur in the French department of Ariège

Transport. Very necessary in the tourist activities.

Tourism has become a daily element in our lives. In the last 25 years the number of people travelling around the world has experienced a deep and constant growth.

Amidst this growth in tourism destinations, Barcelona has become into one of the most visited cities in the world. And not only Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain are also target destinations in the tourism market.


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