Catalonia recognized as the best region in southern Europe for investment
18 Feb 2020

Catalonia recognized as the best region in southern Europe for investment

According to a report by The Financial Times Group

BARCELONA still in the lead as a MICE tourist destination

The fDi magazine of the Financial Times Group has recognized Catalonia as the best region in southern Europe for foreign investment in 2020-2021. This is the third consecutive time that this biannual ranking, one of the most prestigious internationally used by multinational companies to study future business investment projects, places Catalonia in this position. Since 2016, Catalonia is the first region in southern Europe according to this ranking. The aforementioned report has analyzed 150 regions and evaluated criteria such as connectivity, business climate, economic potential, foreign investment attraction strategy or human-capital and lifestyle.

To its current position, the tourism sector contributes in large part to the economic impact it represents throughout the territory. Precisely Catalonia has become one of the main destinations for holding events, whether small or large format and thanks to the quality of its services. Within the territory, among the main preferences is Barcelona that, thanks to its cosmopolitan character, the city has an important congress activity that grows annually. All this activity is accompanied by proposals and experiences for tourists and visitors that complement their leisure or business stay. In the last two years, interest in both the city and its surroundings has grown. Due to the diversification policies of the tourist offer in the territory of the interior of Catalonia, these have benefited from an increase in visitors, whether for tourist or gastronomic interest, where some proposals can be highlighted.

Modernist enclosure of Sant Pau in Barcelona

Thematic routes in Barcelona City:

With our themed trails you can trace the evolution of the city, from the time when it was a Roman colony to its present-day modern character, without overlooking the imprints left on the city by some of the foremost geniuses from the world of art and culture.

Route Modernist .- The style emerged in all its glory at the end of the 19th century to reveal itself in hundreds of extremely beautiful buildings which line the way.

Gaudí Route .- The Gaudí landmarks in Barcelona give a greater understanding of one of the most famous architects who ever worked in the city.

Contemporary .- Barcelona is known throughout the world for its architecture. This is why the city didn’t want to fall behind in the race to have some of the world’s finest contemporary buildings.

Roman Route .- Barcino, the Roman city founded in the 1st century BC, has left us a valuable legacy, which can be found in the Gothic Quarter, the site of the early walled city.

Empresa Autocares Barcelona
Panoramic view of Vic Square (Osona)

Near Barcelona a world of possibilities opens up to enjoy leisure, culture and nature. A rich and diverse territory between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean with more than 100 kilometers of coastline, art and cultural heritage and a highly recognized cuisine.

The essence of history

The combination of past and present is the main attraction of Osona area, a region that shines with its own light in the heart of Catalunya. History is palpated in an itinerary to which you can add the visitable castles and bring the tourist closer to the reality history of the territory as a Land of Castles.

Gastronomy – The stars of the kitchen

In Catalonia there is a great culinary world recognized internationally and that allow visitors to discover the culinary specialties of the region that have made gastronomy an international reference. Obviously the great renowned chefs, stars of the kitchen

have contributed greatly to the gastronomic projection of the country that, together with the native product, have brought Catalan cuisine to international recognition. It is a kitchen that has based on its fresh products from the sea and the garden in the most appreciated ingredients to achieve successful combinations.
If Catalan cuisine has been among the first in the world, it has not only been for the excellence of its products, but also, and especially, for the know-how of the artists of the stove.

Local products of the land form the basis of gastronomy in Catalonia

If Catalan cuisine has been among the first in the world, it has not only been for the excellence of its products, but also, and especially, for the know-how of the artists of the kitchen stove.

Almost at the end of winter and with the arrival of spring, some gastronomic activities especially attractive for tourists and visitors stand out.

  • The “Fiesta del Xató, deeply rooted in the Penedés and Garraf area. The restaurants in the area are responsible for the preparation of dishes and tapas with ato (typical sauce) for popular tasting. In addition, culinary competitions and an exhibition of traditional dances are organized.
  • The “Carxofada”, in El Prat de Llobregat city , which accompanies the tasting of its flagship product along with activities as diverse as visiting the fields by bicycle or demonstrations of showcooking.
  • The Gastronomic Days of the Pea of ​​El Maresme area. With the pea as the protagonist, different activities, fairs and markets are organized in several municipalities in the area, which are followed by, from April, the Gastronomic Days of the Strawberry, in which different municipalities organize activities, markets, special menus and fairs.


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