28 Dec 2015


Barcelona aims to usher in the New Year 2016.

Barcelona will be ringing in the New Year on 31 December around Montjuïc’s Magic Fountain, on Av Reina Maria Cristina.

Barcelona aims to usher in the New Year 2016 with all its citizens and tourist who are visiting the city, with a show jointly promoted by the City Council and Turisme de Barcelona.


This year’s technology and lighting effects will turn the surrounding of Montjuïc’s Magic Mountain into a giant clock  for ushering in 2016

The fire, water and light show, hosted by Senyor de la Pedrera, combines drumming and melodic music with Mediterranean rhythms. The event includes a piece of music composed for the occasion, featuring testimonies from anonymous people in several languages.

Photos and publications posted on social media networks under the #holaBCN2016 hashtag will also be shown on giant on-site screens.



The New Year celebrations will be divided into four parts, as follows:


1.- Barcelona sets the tempo (from 11.30 pm to 11.42 pm)

The Santi Arisa band, made up of drums and other percussion instruments, will play for 30 minutes up to the arrival of the New Year 2016.  A big set of opening fireworks will be let off followed by an evening of drumming, rhythms and participation performed by some twenty Perkutes de Canet drummers, who will be warming up the party.


A dialogue between the stage and the public.


2.- Barcelona Time (from 11.45 pm to 11.54 pm)

Barcelona renews itself to usher in the New Year. Fire, the great Mediterranean symbol of renovation and renewal, will be the central feature and devils, its ambassadors, will perform a great fire dance.

Three mobile structures will dance in front of the fountain, while various figures controlling the fire will dance together, filling the space with sparks and fire effects.


3.- Barcelona is an integrating city(from 11.54 pm to 11.58 pm)

An emotive moment when the message will be delivered through a visual and musical performance.

Music, as a universal language, teaches and unites us, and when it merges with the visual arts it leads to extraordinary achievements.

The song Barcelona amb el cor, composed by Manel Camp, and performed by the soprano Begoña Alberdi and the New Year’s Eve Choir, will provide an emotive moment as they promote the values of an integrating and welcoming city that shines brightly with energy from everyone and shows the Barcelona of a thousand-and-one faces through greetings, in several languages, from sixteen people from different ages and backgrounds, delivered from sixteen of the city’s iconic spots.

Sounds from the two shores of the Mediterranean (rhythm and melodies from the north, south, east and west of the Mare Nostrum).


4.- Barcelona paves the way to the future(from 11.58 pm to 12.10 am)


Son et lumière will represent the energy that drives Barcelona…

The screen clock will give the countdown.

The event will finish with a spectacular round of fireworks lighting up the Barcelona sky.


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