30 Mar 2016


An Innovative Solution for the Private Passenger Transportation Sector

BUS-IT-YOUR-WAY is a Transport R&D Project that has received funding from the R&D funding instrument Horizonte Pyme awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO), and has been also awarded with a Seal of Excellence, certificate delivered by the European Commission,
as the institution managing Horizon 2020,
the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020.

The project currently led by Avant Grup and co-partnered by Atekena Solutions, aims at providing an innovative solution for the private passenger transportation sector. BUS-IT-YOUR-WAY could be of significant help to both the private transportation sector and the EU citizens living/working or visiting peri-urban areas who need to find alternative solutions to private cars.



Executive Summary:


The face of transportation has changed rapidly over the years as technology continues to provide us with quicker and easier ways to travel and move around our environments with innovative transport alternatives such as Uber, Bla Bla car, car sharing, budget airlines, etc. 


On the other side of the coin, Random Passenger Transportation Sector (RPTS) has seen little innovation over the years becoming more stagnant as time passes and leading to the slow decline of the sector. The RPTS currently employees more than 2.5 million people across Europe with a turnover of 23.5 billion Euros. The decline of these companies’ businesses, a shrinking market due to increased use of private cars, means the loss of millions of jobs and the degradation of an industry that represents nowadays, a far more sustainable solution than private car.

As technology has made it easier for people to cut out middle men (DC – demand consolidators like travel agencies) and plan their trips themselves, it has become harder for private transport companies to find, serve and retain its usual customers. Demand has become disaggregated, DC’s lack the volume to create attractive proposals and users end up choosing private cars, against other means of transport, due to the lack of public transportation services or alternative, and more efficient, transport solutions.

These challenges led us to the idea of an IT solution that could bring together users in one place and group them by need, making it easy for private transportation providers to offer them a customized solution. BUS IT YOUR WAY, the IT solution to attend mass transport needs, as a consequence of pre-organized events that take place in a specific point at a given time. Our project is targeted to attend both citizens living or working in peri-urban areas as well as tourists visiting these destinations.

Our solution will represent a breakthrough for the sector, bringing benefits to all the stakeholders involved in the process: 1) Passenger Transportation companies will have a tool to increase their fleet occupancy and improve service profitability, 2) Citizens and Tourists requiring transport to/from peri-urban areas will benefit from a service providing full-custom eco transportation solutions at low cost and 3) Event organizers  will have a tool to promote and monetize displacements and transport efficiently its attendees.

If you want to know more about this project, please contact us at avantgrup@avantgrup.com  


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