BARCELONA.- Mobile City
30 Jan 2018

BARCELONA.- Mobile City

“Mobile is everything”

“Mobile is everything”, a sentence to sum up perfectly what is happening today in a global world. Technological evolution which builds the future of our society – and from which future generations will enjoy- laid the foundations of little imaginable ways of being, just a couple of decades ago. In no time, we have taken a great leap that has led us to conquer unsuspected peaks and caused constant development we cover using all types of appliances. In the early nineties were the almost forgotten desktop computers, basic office automation packages to perform work and projects, the first on the scene leaving behind the today unknown typewriters. Its impact was such that following the drawn line we deepened on improving the performance of its new properties and characteristics, the most momentous, the advent of the Internet. And if these computers connected to a global network of communication, which allow social evolution unprecedented and affect global aspects of all fields, have meant favouring a constant evolution. The need became a must, and was developed what is now flooding media and lectures and talks around the world in schools, cafes and offices. The new mobile phones have evolved in such a way that it seems difficult to get to know all their capacity’s and app’s its current and adapted status called Smartphone.

No one or almost no one can live without this peculiar contraption that lives in the pocket of our pants, on the lookout for news, becoming a professional inbox mail or a perfect communication tool with which to share words, pictures or videos to our social mass. But what can your cell phone do? Which will be next surprising step that can take place?

All these secrets and progress can only find them in one place and this is the Mobile World Congress, the largest gathering of world industry, which once again takes place in our capital, Barcelona, ​​between from 26th  February to 1st  March. Mobile is creating a better future. Mobile World Congress 2018 will once again take place at Fira Gran Via2 and Fira Montjuic –Fira Barcelona venues– with selected events, including 4YFN.


Avant Grup, committed to society and always offering the best chance on our buses, vehicles with the latest innovations that meet the comfort and safety seeking.

We believe in the technology and the need for its fervent development for further progress towards a promising future fraught with new possibilities. Therefore, once again, we will not miss the appointment hold at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona. Our company is responsible for the mobility of all the delegates and congress attendees, who were more than 101.000 last year, from more 200 countries and having a global coverage of nearly 4,000 international media. Figures portend higher this year during four days where everything that is part of this industry will be in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress.

Other PROPOSALS of interest

  • Barcelona 080 Fashion

080 BARCELONA FASHION – 21th edition

The Recinte Modernista Sant Pau (Sant Pau Art Noveau Site) hosts a new edition of the international meeting between buyers and Catalan brands, during the 080 Barcelona Fashion.

A total of 32 designers and brands will be taking to the catwalk for this edition of the Catalan fashion event.

Empresa Autocares Barcelona


Big name companies and consolidated designers will be sharing this showcase with new names such as Mans Concept Menswear, Ester Farrando Knitwear, Jinksieminks, Verbena Atelier and Agnès Sunyer.

Boboli, Custo Barcelona and Escorpion Studio BCN will be presenting their spring and summer 2018 collections, while the rest of the participating brands will be offering their autumn and winter 2018 collections. Names and brands on show include Antonio Miró, Brain & Beast, Elena Estaun, Jnorig, Krizia Robustella, Lebor Gabala, LOA by Lidia Aguilera, Lola Casademunt, Miquel Suay, Miriam Ponsa, Naulover, Pablo Erroz, Txell Miras and Wom & Now.

Maria Pombo, Inés Arroyo, Gigi Vives, Marta Lozano, Madame de Rosa, Nina Urgell, Patry Jordan, Michelle Salas and Carla Hinojosa complete the group of influencers, instagrammers and youtubers that will strut the catwalk dressed in Ze García within the 080 Barcelona Fashion 21st edition. All of them represent more than 3 million of followers in social media, a popularity that will make this fashion show a highlight of the fashion week.

The 21st edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion is celebrated this week in Barcelona and highlights the first day with a very special show. This edition’s guest designer Ze Garcia, who participated for the first time a year ago, comes back to the Catalan runway with his fashion show “Millennial Couture”.

For the occasion, he has invited the most notorious influencers and digital it girls to show his collection on the catwalk and be his models for a day. This time Dulceida, Jessica Goicochea, Laura Escanes and Marta Riumbau won’t be flashing with their mobiles from the front row but on the walking the runway to present Ze García new collection designed by designer José María García González. His take on haute couture results in sophisticated and eye-catching designs.