14 Nov 2018


Barcelona Tourism and The Catalan Tourist Board awared for their tourist performance.

As more regions and countries develop their tourism industry, it produces significant impacts on natural resources, consumption patterns, pollution and social systems. The need for sustainable/responsible planning and management is imperative for the industry to survive as a whole.Historically, tourism has been a driving force of economic development both for its ability to generate employment and to promote related productive activities, enhance the indigenous culture or defend nature.

For the industry of the sector works in different aspects so that tourism tends toward sustainability. It is considered that tourism should help the population lead a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature, and also contribute to the conservation, protection and restoration of ecosystems. The new tourism must also be based on sustainable models of production and consumption.

When stopped from responsible tourism, it should not be understood as a specific type or model of tourism, but rather as an attitude of respect towards jobs, indigenous people and affected communities.

It is in this sense that both Catalonia and Barcelona have the Biosphere certification as a sustainable tourist destination. Just last week, as part of the WORLD TRAVEL MARKET fair, one of the tourism events more important for its global impact on the sector, Barcelona received the awards for better tourism management and better tourism management in the context of sustainability.

The World Travel Market is one of the reference events of the sector and brings together annually in London those responsible for tourism, hoteliers, travel operators and agents of the international tourism sector.

The Catalan capital, a Biosphere certified destination since 2011, was awarded the prize for best tourist management in the ‘Overall Winner’ category, the main category of the awards. The jury recognized the initiative of Barcelona to separate the promotion of management and to tackle transversally the tourism phenomenon, considering that their experience should inspire other destinations.

Likewise, Barcelona has been recognized in the ‘Best for Managing Success’ category for the best tourism management in the context of sustainability. In this second category, the jury has assessed the 2020 Strategic Tourism Plan of the city, the joint work between Barcelona City Council and Tourism Board of Barcelona and the strategies that have been promoted so that tourism is more adapted to the needs of the city.

Barcelona wants its residents and visitors to enjoy the many attractions that the city offers in a balanced way that respects the environment. So it promotes a model of tourism based on respect for the city’s economic, social, environmental and cultural resources. As a result, and because it is always innovating, Barcelona has established itself as a tourist destination committed to sustainability, with responsibly managed tourism and a cross-cutting strategy which seeks to ensure it is a model that will endure well into the future.

The video "LA RUTA DEL AZAR" - 1st. CIFFT award for tourist films.

Following in the awards section, the tourist promotion video “La ruta del azar”, from the Catalan Tourism Agency, has been awarded the prize for the best tourist film in the world. This prize has been awarded by the CIFFT – International Committee of the Festival of Tourist Films – in which 3,000 films from more than a hundred countries had been presented.

The film presents the story of two girls who follow the route of a singer after finding their travel schedule. In this way, well-known tourist destinations in the country are shown, as it crosses several demarcations such as Montserrat, Lleida, the Pyrenees, Tarragona, the Costa Dorada or Barcelona. The video is part of the campaign of the Catalonian Government on the occasion of the Year of Cultural Tourism


Empresa Autocares Barcelona

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The company has the Distinctive Environmental Quality Guarantee in transportation.
We support the rational use of resources, the improvement of energy efficiency and the generation of sustainable economic activity.
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Avant Grup is putting its trust in the effort, with these new Euro VI engines, but also constancy and perseverance; we guarantee to all our travellers live a unique and sustainable experience aboard our coaches, protecting the culture of our country and reducing the impact of our vehicles on the environment.
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