18 Sep 2017


Mobility clean and intelligent

The European Commission launched the 16th EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK, a flagship campaign for Mobility and Transport, takes place in different European cities from 16 to 22 September 2017.

European Mobility Week is DG MOVE’s flagship annual campaign. In this edition, more than 2000 cities organise events for the promotion of sustainable urban mobility in Europe, often culminating in a car-free day, and with many opportunities for residents to interact with local authorities and discuss the benefits of active and sustainable transport. The mobility week runs alongside the European Day Without a Road Death campaign, on 21 September. Have organised events to encourage residents to try out alternatives to traditional means of transport.

The theme of the 2017 campaign is ‘Clean, shared and intelligent mobility’, with the call-to-action ‘Sharing gets you further’.


This year’s EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK encourages people to use shared forms of transportation such as bicycle and car sharing or buses. Europe is the leader in shared mobility solutions and the value of transactions in shared mobility in Europe was estimated at EUR 5.1 billion in 2015. It is expected to exceed EUR 100 billion in 2025. Sharing transportation not only helps people save money, but also support the EU’s goals of achieving a low-emission economy.


Every year, local authorities making significant efforts to promote sustainable urban mobility during the campaign, can apply for the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Award until 23 October 2017.


Each year awards are given to sustainable mobility initiatives or projects. In 2017, for the first time, small municipalities will have their own category within the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Award. This means that two awards will be presented: one for municipalities with less than 50,000 inhabitants and one for municipalities with 50,000 inhabitants or more.


For the next edition, local authorities can also apply for the Award for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP Award) until 3 November 2017. The SUMP Award rewards the development of a mobility plan addressing the diverse transport needs of people and businesses.

Through dedicated local organisers and strong local partnerships, it’s possible to re-imagine how transportation works in our communities. It’s not just about large cities with vast public transport fleets – small municipalities have a pivotal role to play.

AVANT GRUP – Sustainable Mobility Solutions


Avant Grup always aware of the environmental needs and climate change, backed by European regulations, has in its fleet Euro VI engines the new generations for coaches with zero CO2emissions.

CO2 emissions from transport in the European Union currently account for 3.5% of global CO2 emissions. In the face of this situation, a change was needed to promote this hopeful future for which each and every one of us watches over. With the help of Man, Mercedes-Benz, Scania or Volvo, the development of EURO VI engines has achieved a new milestone that combines extraordinary performance with low consumption and exemplary environmental compatibility.

Already at Avant Grup, we were pioneers and we advance to the established deadlines in the use of its predecessor, the Euro V engine, and today our fleet is integrated by new vehicles that not only convince with this new generation of engines, But also with a whole new range of innovations that guarantee a relaxed, serene and profitable driving.

Empresa Autocares Barcelona

This last year, Avant Grup has incorporated fifteen new units of different capacities and models. These are Mercedes Benz Buses,model I6 from Irizar brand, new Iveco units from Magelys model, with a wide panoramic as it has a larger glass surface that makes it a great tourist vehicle, very suitable for city tours , And with greater comfort by having more space between seats. Iveco minibus vehicles, for 20 seats, and the new Scania models, with a capacity for 59 seats, all with EuroVI engines.