«Tourist Events» – Tourism Week and Autumn Gastronomy
24 Sep 2018

«Tourist Events» – Tourism Week and Autumn Gastronomy

World Tourism Day – Buy Catalonia2018

The importance of digital technologies in tourism, providing opportunities for innovation and preparing the sector for the future of work, is at the centre of World Tourism Day 2018, to be celebrated in Budapest, Hungary (27 September 2018).

World Tourism Day, celebrated every 27 September around the world, is a unique opportunity to raise awareness on tourism’s actual and potential contribution to sustainable development.

This year’s World Tourism Day (WTD) will help to put the opportunities provided to tourism, by technological advances including big data, artificial intelligence and digital platforms, on the map of sustainable development. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) sees digital advances and innovation as part of the solution to the challenge of marrying continued growth with a more sustainable and responsible tourism sector.

The WTD official celebration will be held in Budapest, Hungary, a country enjoying steady growth of tourism backed by consistent policy support and a commitment to the digital future. Other celebrations will take place worldwide.

The official celebration will also see the announcement of the semi-finalists of the 1st UNWTO Tourism Startup Competition, launched by UNWTO and Globalia to give visibility to startups with innovative ideas capable of revolutionizing the way we travel and enjoy tourism.




Coinciding in the week that celebrates the World Tourism Day, immersed in the program of events and activities that are organized throughout the country, Catalonia organized the most important promotional activity of the year, in which tourism and culture will have a strong presence in the celebration within the Year of Cultural Tourism 2018.

The challenge facing the Year of Cultural Tourism is to position culture as a key, differentiating factor for the destination, with tourism playing an essential role for highlighting the value of culture and contributing to its social and economic sustainability.

Buy Catalunya is a unique opportunity to get to know and explore Catalonia, combining a fam trip with a workshop with local companies. Over 150 specialised operators from around the world who focus on tourism experiences in Catalonia will gather to take part in this exciting event.

This year celebrates as Year of Culture Tourism 2018 and in order to capitalise on the potential of cultural tourism, the Catalan Tourist Board will activate a series of promotional actions within the framework of the ‘Year of Culture’. So, this year, the Catalan Tourist Board is focusing all of its efforts and communications around this core focus and Buy Catalunya will be inspired by this theme.

Promote the creation of a quality offer oriented towards quality demand, by transforming cultural resources into saleable tourism products; stress Catalonia’s value as a destination of self-governed, sustainable and competitive destinations, promoting better territorial distribution of tourism or take this opportunity to reduce seasonal differences in tourism, highlighting the tourism value of Catalan culture and Increase the consumption of cultural tourism experiences by visitors once in Catalonia.

The Buy Catalunya, promotional action as a tourist destination, will be held on Wednesday, September 26 at the Tarragona Congress Palace, coinciding in the same week as the International Day of Tourism.




«Tourist and Gastronomic Experiences during the autumn season».

Mushrooms. The traditional seasonal cuisine

The autumn has just arrived and after a summer of rain, especially in the Pyrenean region of Catalonia, a very good season of mushrooms is expected.
Every year, with the first autumn rains, Catalonia undergoes a cultural and culinary transformation focusing on a food that is an intrinsic part of its identity: mushrooms.
The autumn has just arrived and after a summer of rain, especially in the Pyrenean region of Catalonia, a very good season of mushrooms is expected. The product remains one of the most emblematic and valued Catalan cuisine.

Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies growing from fungi and one of the most iconic and highly prized ingredients used in Catalan cuisine. This isn’t just due to the unique flavour they have when seasoned with salt and pepper and chargrilled, or served as an accompaniment to rice and meat dishes, but also because they’re a really health food. It should come as no surprise that the deeply rooted mushroom tradition is experiencing ever-greater popularity. The growing numbers of amateur mushroom hunters who go the woods and forests, and the restaurants with special menus dedicated to this unique delicacy, provide ample proof of this.

If you’re thinking of exploring the world of mushrooms for yourself, there’s no better place to start than the counties of Osona and el Berguedà , in the province of Barcelona. You’ll be able to enjoy breathtaking natural scenery and, if you’re lucky, find a plethora of local varieties including ceps, milk caps, St George’s mushrooms, grey knights, Caesar’s mushrooms, pinkmottle woodwax, horns of plenty, Rogers mushrooms and waxcaps.

We have companies specialising in adventure activities,what organise guided mushroom hunts where you’ll find out everything you need to know about this wild food par excellence. You must make sure you pick them with the greatest care if you want them to grow back over the coming years.

Other options to consider to find all varieties of mushrooms, are the traditional markets in the towns and cities of Catalonia although the best way to taste them is as part of a dish prepared by our local chefs. The most traditional restaurants and top eateries specialising in creative and signature cuisine do their utmost to ensure all the aromatic and physical qualities of mushrooms are brought out to the full in their culinary creations.


With the expansion of tourism and the consolidation of Barcelona and Catalonia as tourist destinations, Avant Grup, a bus company in Barcelona, has managed to consolidate its position as Barcelona’s leader in coach transport for the tourism sector.
Tourism has become an everyday element in our lives and, in the last 25 years, the growth of the number of people traveling around the world has experienced constant growth. Precisely this growth is what has positioned Barcelona and Catalonia as one of the preferred destinations in the tourism market.