BIOSPHERE.- The Commitment for Tourism Sustainability
12 Feb 2019

BIOSPHERE.- The Commitment for Tourism Sustainability

The change of weather, … or the time of the change

In recent times, a certain environmental sensitivity has grown and society has begun to take hold in all sectors. Precisely in transport and tourism is where more is being implemented
Although these new winds of change will take much more force in the coming years, the reality begins to be felt in different sectors of society that have long been trying to find alternatives that continue to ensure the good spirit and sustainability of this world. Renewable energies increasingly widespread and policies of application in tune with the environment.
All countless efforts by civil society to support the good intentions of the great governments that struggle to fulfill this commitment. And in this context appear companies, entities and different companies working towards a new technological evolution aware of environmental needs and climate change. Thanks to the efforts and dedication of all the parties, together we have achieved that Catalonia has obtained the Biosphère Responsible Tourism certification. The Biosphère certification is a seal that certifies the responsibility of the tourist destinations granted by the Institute of Responsible Tourism (ITR). Actions that have been, deservedly, awarded and that were already part of that Strategic Action Plan 2012-2016, including: awareness of the rational use of water, awareness for energy saving, CO2 compensation policies, or social sustainability, which is committed to a fully accessible tourism.

In this way, the Diputación de Barcelona has already promoted, together with the Institute of Responsible Tourism and the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, ​​a methodology to guarantee the quality and sustainability of the tourist services of a destination, and of the services provided by companies or public and private entities. A methodology that allows acquiring sufficient skills for the sustainable management of these tourist services. As a result of this voluntary implantation, the tourism services that participate obtain the

Barcelona was the first urban destination to obtain the Biosphere certification for its commitment to sustainability in the tourism sector. Tourism is one of the most important activities in Barcelona and represents a priority for the city, both for the contribution it represents to the economy of the city and for the various effects it generates in urban Dynamics. Barcelona has grown as an international tourist destination since the 1992 Olympic Games, with tourism being a key factor in the successive transformations of the city.

Catalonia holds the first Biosphere Destination certification as an integral tourist destination, awarded by the Responsible Tourism Institute, an organization supported by UNESCO, member of the UNWTO and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. The certificate recognizes the quality, environmental sustainability and social responsibility of tourism destinations distinctive “Commitment for sustainability Biosphere“, annually renewable.

Avant grup, two years ago, was already one of the companies recognized with the “Commitment to Sustainability Biosphere” certification.
Biosphere for transport is a certification of tourism sustainability designed for entities dedicated to the provision of services related to the transportation of tourists.
This certification guarantees that the certified entity carries out new non-aggressive tourism models, contemplates the satisfaction of the current needs of its customers and users without compromising future generations.
The “Commitment for Sustainability Biosphere” aims to extend the culture of tourism sustainability to tourism companies and services in the districts of Barcelona, and its main purpose is to implement a more sustainable management in all the agents involved in a tourist destination, since be public or private.