BARCELONA, an active and receptive European city.
24 Apr 2019

BARCELONA, an active and receptive European city.

Empresa Autocares Barcelona
Panoramic view of Barcelona from the sea

Barcelona, has a long trading tradition and extensive experience in organizing great Events It is a dynamic and welcoming city and one of the great economic and business centers of southern Europe and the Mediterranean Zone, a gate that is actively linked to both the community market and Latin America. Around 4.5 million inhabitants live in its metropolitan area.

Thanks to both its privileged position on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and its economic, social and cultural dynamism, Barcelona’s influence extends over a wide area in southern Europe.

The Catalan capital has turned innovation, technological development, design and top quality service into basic elements of its identity.

Barcelona is a modern cosmopolitan city, which has managed to preserve an important cultural, architectural and monumental historic legacy.

Barcelona has a modern hotel infrastructure and boasts first rate shops and leisure, cultural and tourist attractions. The climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters and warm summers. The city has over four kilometres of beach and is very close to the Costa Brava and the ski resorts of the Pyrenees. All this allows Barcelona to be a first class destination when it comes to hosting large events or fairs and has an exceptional attraction for cruise tourism that every season docks at the port of Barcelona. Some of the most important cruise companies already have their headquarters in Barcelona as the operational base of the Mediterranean.

Barcelona’s port. Transport service for cruise tourisms

Bus transport companies, specialized in tourism services and events such as Avant Grup can make the visitor enjoy a welcoming experience

Flower cities of Catalonia

The ‘Viles Florides’ are the villages and towns that stand out for their real, conscious and long-term action in gardening, promoting urban greenery and floral decoration in all areas of the villages and cities. In some they even make carpets with natural flowers once a year. In some way we want to highlight the natural and landscape richness of the territory

Natural flower carpets

The Oscars of gardening

Talking about carpets, the ‘Viles Florides’ project could be defined as the Oscars of the villages and cities that have achieved a better ratio between greenery and the number of their inhabitants. Aspects such as floral diversity, the functionality of the green areas and many others are also considered

A specialised jury considers to what extent candidates achieve the necessary quality to receive the ‘vila florida’ distinction. The rank of each of the awarded towns is determined by the number of Flowers of Honour given by the jury: they can receive from one to five.

Viles Florides is an initiative of the Confederation of Ornamental Horticulture (CHOC)


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