AGROTOURISM.- Tourist experiences to travel as a family.
29 May 2018

AGROTOURISM.- Tourist experiences to travel as a family.

Another way to recognize the land and the work of the field

Agroturism – Farm stay or rural tourism as it is often called it means getting away from it all and staying in a rural area. Agrotourism gives you a chance to get acquainted with the process and life on a farm or in a small village; you can even get involved with the agricultural processes yourself. This popularity hasn’t just come from outside tourists but from the Spanish themselves who want to reconnect with this rural side to the country.

Its popularity for agritourism comes in part from the produce on offer.

Catalonia offers countless options for rural tourism. It is an area where authenticity and friendliness are the most outstanding of the natural features. Experience rural tourism in the heart of a village or an isolated existence in rural areas by staying in the beautiful farmhouses. Catalonia has a thriving organic farming community where you can really get back to nature. Catalonia also produces excellent beef, anchovies and rice and seeing any of these in production is a real treat not to be missed.

In south of Country,  is the Parque Nacional Coto de Doñana, a semi wilderness of marshes and forests that is a breeding ground for a huge range of bird species; Flamingos, herons, geese, ducks and some extremely rare and protected Imperial eagles to name but a few.

The interior of Andalucia region, though is generally the opposite with more discerning travelers heading to, or remaining, inland to get a feel for a more traditional south of Spain. It has three historically very important cities; Seville, Cordoba and Granada which still today, in their historical cores anyway, retain an old, almost medieval atmosphere.

The heart of Spain and almost its geographical centre is the vibrant city of Madrid. It dominates the country and naturally enough dominates the central region. The provinces of Castilla y Leon, Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura have important histories, this is the region where the foundations of the country we now know as Spain were laid, but are all still mainly rural areas that have a variety of interesting landscapes and a slow pace of life.The climate here is amongst the toughest in the whole of Europe. The baking hot, dry summers and freezing cold winters put a lot of people off touring anything but the main cities and tourist towns; Madrid of course and the likes of Burgos, Cuenca, Merida, the university city of Salamanca and Caceres the perhaps under visited, quietly charming capital of Extremadura.


SONAR 2018

Positioned at the cutting edge of the electronic music landscape and it’s interactions with digital culture, Sónar is able to unite established artists with emerging talent, in all areas of musical and audiovisual production.

Sonar Music Festival in Barcelona has grown from strength to strength and is now established as one of Europe’s most well known music festivals. Each year, Barcelona is flooded by thousands of music fans from all over Europe.


Sónar Barcelona’s activities are divided into two main locations: Sónar by Day, located in Fira Montjuïc, concerts and dj’s, showcases and Sónar+D; the international congress focused on the digital creative industries and dedicated to creating professional, business and networking opportunities.

Since 2002 Sónar has organized more than 50 events in many different parts of the world, adapting the Sónar philosophy to unique venues and environments, and highlighting the most interesting homegrown talent and the scene in the city where it takes place. As well as the event in Barcelona, Sónar organizes festivals every year in other cities. In previous years, it has travelled to Reykjavik, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, New York, London, Cape Town, Frankfurt, Seoul, Lisboa, Lyon, Hamburg, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Oakland, Los Ángeles, Tokyo and Osaka, among other destinations around the world.