«BARCELONA is much more». Cultural history, natural landscapes and gastronomy.
11 Sep 2018

«BARCELONA is much more». Cultural history, natural landscapes and gastronomy.

Empresa Autocares Barcelona

Places to visit near Barcelona.

Barcelona Province consists of an extensive territory between the Serra del Cadí mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea. Here there is a wide variation of landscapes and a rich cultural history. The coastline stretches for 100 kilometres, with cities and beautiful fishing villages that have managed to retain their true essence over the years. Another attractive feature of the province is the imposing nature of the interior: there are over 100,000 hectares of protected land, twelve natural parks and a biosphere reserve, really beautiful places that can be visited in one day. There is a whole world to discover less than an hour from Barcelona.


• Beaches
For example, those of Sitges, Garraf and Vilanova i la Geltrú to the south, and all those in the Maresme to the north. There are long, sandy beaches, small, hidden coves and places where naturism is permitted.
• Natural Parks
There are twelve protected natural parks near Barcelona, offering the chance to enjoy nature and do all kinds of outdoor activities throughout the year
• Wine Tourism
The Penedès region, which has been associated with wine for centuries, offers you the chance to discover the country’s wine-growing economy, which has also expanded in other areas in recent years, such as Alella and Pla de Bages.
• Deltas
The Llobregat delta offers beaches, pine woods, marshland and a river, where you can walk and watch birds. The Besòs Fluvial Park is a magnificent place for enjoying nature and leisure.
• Modernism
There are nine Modernist routes available near Barcelona: they include wonderful Gaudí buildings, summer residencies, palaces, mansions, factories, wine cellars and romantic gardens.
• Rural Romanesque
Hidden shrines and hermitages, monasteries, medieval cities, paintings and more besides. Catalonia’s medieval past is well-preserved in the towns around Barcelona.







The area around Barcelona includes the Maresme, Vallès Oriental, Vallès Occidental, Baix Llobregat, Garraf and Alt Penedès counties, which are all first-class tourist attractions for discovering the heart of Catalonia.

There are also cultural activities on the seashore and in the mountains. Touring the towns of central Catalonia provides the opportunity to learn about the history of the country. The marks of our ancestors remain in the form of castles, monasteries, old medieval town centres and Modernist industrial buildings. There are also popular traditional festivals, some of which, like the Patum of Berga, are protected by UNESCO. There are still complete medieval towns, with cobbled streets and rustic houses, such as Rupit and Tavertet. In Vic, one of the oldest cities in Catalonia, there is a market whose origins go back to medieval times and it has an exceptional porticoes main square.


Culinary tourism is another great attraction of the Barcelona Province counties, which are intimately linked to wine culture and have managed to maintain and revive a high-quality wine-growing economy. There are five wine Designations of Origin in this area: Penedès, Alella, Pla de Bages, Catalunya and Cava. Apart from going to the area’s wineries, which are open to visitors, you can also enjoy local festivals linked to rural life and wine-growing.


Tourism has become a daily element in our lives. In the last 25 years the number of people travelling around the world has experienced a deep and constant growth.

Amidst this growth in tourism destinations, Barcelona has become into one of the most visited cities in the world. And not only Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain are also target destinations in the tourism market.

This need for knowing new places comes with a transportation need, and Avant Grup has its roots in that need. Day trips through Barcelona and Catalonia, circuits through Spain and Europe, consolidated both companies as referents in the by-bus tourism market in Barcelona.

With a general expansion of tourism, and Barcelona’s consolidation as a tourist destination in the global market, Avant Grup has kept its founders vocation and has managed to keep its leadership in the coach transport sector in Barcelona.

A modern elegant and aesthetically homogeneous coaches and minibuses fleet fitted with the most advanced comfort and safety features, that is our company’s differentiating factor. Leather-seats coaches and minibuses, none over 4 years old, panoramic roof units, all of them driven by expert drivers who know their destinations like the palm of their hand, and in continuous training in order to give the best service.

Empresa Autocares Barcelona


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