Gastronomy and Astrotourism in Catalonia
02 Mar 2018

Gastronomy and Astrotourism in Catalonia

Gastronomy and traditions.

Wise men say that “we are what we eat” and the reflection of society is in the cuisine of each one. In Catalonia, since ancient times, it has forged a unique history in Catalan kitchens and stoves, which has left a trail of incalculable cultural value and has become the cornerstone on which one of the best cuisines of the world is built for the richness and variety of its foods. The history of Catalan cuisine dates back to the very creation of this small country and its ability to incorporate the finest cuisine with which it has come into contact throughout the centuries. Thanks to these historical ties and to take advantage from the possibilities dishes from countries around the world offered, Catalan cuisine has become a gastronomic model.

By the hand of products around the Mediterranean, Catalan cuisine has been forged as a true reflection of the people who have grown and have made it possible, becoming an essential part of the cultural fabric of the Catalan people. Edible museum of the skills of its people around the world, the result of this goal is to enjoy a recipe that conveys the values and know-how of the Catalans, which helps to define its own identity and has led Catalonia to be considered one of the cultures of reference par excellence.

Catalan cuisine is also synonymous with tradition and deeply rooted customs of the people. Linking regional fare with celebrations and traditions of culture is very narrow, but it is precisely this feature that distinguishes Catalan identity from many of the major economic reference and social leaders, weak when the time to sit around the table and share a good meal with family and friends, arrives.


The Gastronomy has such an important weight in our society and an evolution so constant that, to present the novelties of the sector, a bi-annual event is held in Fira Barcelona venue. This fair is a very good platform for promoting the meeting between European companies with which to establish contacts and exchange experiences.

It is also an excellent platform to deal with both brand manufacturers and product distributors. Nearly 3,950 exhibiting companies are expected to attend, representing 66 countries, while the attendance of more than 140,000 visitors from 157 different countries is expected.

The  Alimentaria Fair  will take place in the fairground of l’Hospitalet – Fira Barcelona / Gran Via, from April 16 to 19.

Astrotourism The observation of the sky and the stars.


The Montsec in Noguera is a wonderful natural area, Starlight Reserve by UNESCO where you can see one of the best skies of Spain.

The Montsec region, in Catalonia, has a new tourist offer. It is the Bus of the Stars, which leaves from Sabadell and Barcelona on a Friday of each month to the PAM-Parc Astronòmic del Montsec, in the Àger valley. It is a new tourist proposal that allows to promote a pleasant experience around the stars and the observation of the sky.

AstroTourism is one of it kind of the new tourist experience that brings together the exciting sphere of travel, exploration and expedition with an equally exiting sphere of astronomy, space sciences and unraveling the wonders of the sky. .

Astronomy is a perfect blend in Tourism; it may be a smallest part of travel or be the center point of travel. It can associate various customer segments right from Individuals to Corporate, Family to Groups. It caters to all segments. It is one of the techniques to relax and is used as stress busters in corporate. A Family can use this tool to enhance its knowledge of science while enjoying a leisure trip at any popular or isolated place. A group of Tourists can enjoy spectacular events happening in sky especially when events like Solar Eclipse happen.