BARCELONA.- Mobile City
30 Jan 2017

BARCELONA.- Mobile City

“Mobile is everything”

“Mobile is everything”, a sentence to sum up perfectly what is happening today in a global world. Technological evolution which builds the future of our society – and from which future generations will enjoy- laid the foundations of little imaginable ways of being, just a couple of decades ago. In no time, we have taken a great leap that has led us to conquer unsuspected peaks and caused constant development we cover using all types of appliances. In the early nineties were the almost forgotten desktop computers, basic office automation packages to perform work and projects, the first on the scene leaving behind the today unknown typewriters. Its impact was such that following the drawn line we deepened on improving the performance of its new properties and characteristics, the most momentous, the advent of the Internet. And if these computers connected to a global network of communication, which allow social evolution unprecedented and affect global aspects of all fields, have meant favouring a constant evolution, why are we going to stop investing in them? The need became a must, and was developed what is now flooding media and lectures and talks around the world in schools, cafes and offices: the mobile phone with its current and adapted status called Smartphone.

No one or almost no one can live without this peculiar contraption that lives in the pocket of our pants, on the lookout for news, becoming a professional inbox mail or a perfect communication tool with which to share words, pictures or videos to our social mass. But what can your cell phone do? Which will be next surprising step that can take place? All these secrets and progress can only find them in one place and this is the Mobile World Congress, the largest gathering of world industry, which once again takes place in our capital, Barcelona, between from 27th  February to 2d  March.

Avant Grup, committed to society and always offering the best chance on our buses, vehicles with the latest innovations that meet the comfort and safety seeking; we believe in the technology and the need for its fervent development for further progress towards a promising future fraught with new possibilities. Therefore, once again, we will not miss the appointment hold at the Mobile World Capital, Barcelona; being responsible for the accurate arrival of all the delegates and congress attendees, who were more than 101.000 last year, from more 200 countries and having a global coverage of nearly 4,000 international media. Figures portend higher this year during four days where everything that is part of this industry will be in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress.

2017.- The International Year of Sustainable Tourism

The United Nations has proclaimed 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, in recognition of the tremendous potential of the tourism industry, which accounts for some 10% of the world’s economic activity, to contribute to the fight against poverty and foster mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue, which are at the heart of UNESCO’s mission.

These objectives have long been recognized by UNESCO’s various cultural and scientific programmes, notably the World Heritage Convention which has long been working to ensure that the tourists who visit its 1,052 natural and cultural sites benefit local communities and that visitor flows are managed in ways that are compatible with heritage conservation.

Tourism is driven by the forces of globalization that have led to a tremendous growth in the circulation of goods and ideas, people and cultural trends. It can be channeled in ways that allow visitors to enjoy and learn from the wealth and diversity of cultural heritage, cultural expressions and intangible cultural practices. It helps local cultural industries find new audiences, as well as markets, for their goods and services.

The International Year will promote tourism’s role in the following five key areas:

  1. Inclusive and sustainable economic growth.
  2. Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction.
  3. Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change.
  4. Cultural values, diversity and heritage.
  5. Mutual understanding, peace and security.

During 2017, UNESCO will work with its Member States and many partners to ensure that tourism serves to preserve rather than pillage the world’s multifaceted heritage that it contributes to the wellbeing and dignity of communities, and brings people together.




The Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (TNC) hosts a new edition of the international meeting between buyers and Catalan brands, during the 080 Barcelona Fashion.

At 080 Barcelona Fashion they present the new and last collections of many other prestigious brands that showed their collections. In total, more than 25 Catalan brands participated in this new event of a commercial nature.

To organize this event, the Government of Catalonia commissioned the Catalan Fashion Cluster (Modacc) to carry out all the research, selection and invitation of international buyers, as well as the attraction of exhibitors and the organization of agendas between buyers and exhibitors.

The Cluster of Catalan Fashion (Modacc) is a non-profit organization that integrates more than 130 companies that develop their activity around the fashion business in Catalonia. MODACC has a commercial presence in the United States, Asia, Scandinavia and South America.

Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya – F1 TEST DAYS



The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya  will be once again the only racetrack worldwide to host the Formula One preseason in 2017. The teams have decided to turn the Catalan racetrack into the exclusive venue of their preseason test, with a total of eight days distributed into two consecutive weeks: from 27 February to 2 March and from 7 March to 10 March.

During these two weeks, the Circuit will take centre stage worldwide and become the engine of economic activity of the region, generating in Barcelona and Vallès Oriental a good economic perspective for the first quarter of the year, as a consequence of the acceleration of the service sector (accommodation, catering, transport, etc.) that will be boosted by the Formula One Test Days. As the only racetrack in the world to host the preseason tests, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya will also generate a high media impact at international level.


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