CATALUNYA continues as leader in the choice of tourist destination for European citizens
05 Aug 2019

CATALUNYA continues as leader in the choice of tourist destination for European citizens



The concentration in summer, especially in August, of most of the holiday shifts, elevates travel trends and the search for new destinations in summer. The novelties presented by the tourism sector raise the bar every year compared to previous years. The increase in supply triggers competition and the consumer increasingly has more information on the different proposals and offers of tourist destinations. The phenomenon of last-minute reservations has been losing prominence in recent years in exchange for an extension of the reservation time for the purchase of summer vacations

This season also reflects a notable increase in tourists from cruise ships that have included new requirements in the proposals and travel programs at each scale, as they demand that itineraries and visits include ecology, gastronomy or group activities.

The Spanish country is the first destination for national tourists and it is precisely the country of the European Union where European tourists stay more nights at the destination.

The increase in tourism within the European Union itself is positive news since visitors have an interest in their culture, traditions and know the many emblematic corners that all its geography offers. On the other hand, the facilities and guarantees available to EU residents facilitate travel. Its land and sea and air communications allow 1,250 million trips per year to be made through the 26 countries that are part of the Union. This demonstrates that traveling is one of the greatest passions of much of society.

The statistical office of the European Union-Eurostat highlights, in its different publications of the results of recent years on tourism in the region, the importance that internal EU tourists have for the activity of the sector, since 90% Overnight stays correspond to citizens residing in the same European Union and who travel between their different member countries.

In the Spanish geography, the Canary Islands, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, in this order, stand out in the Top-10 of the European regions in number of overnight stays. Catalunya, meanwhile, leads the average tourist expenditure per visitor.

Spain, France and Italy concentrate almost the 30 most visited destinations in the European Union according to data from the EU statistical office.

Eurostat publishes periodically the study and the ranking of tourist regions ordered by the millions of overnight stays in accommodation of both resident and non-resident tourists in the EU.

Panoramic view Illes Medes – Costa Brava


Catalonia, to maintain this privileged position, has already prepared its Strategic Marketing Plan “Tourism Strategy 2018-2022”

The Strategic Tourism Plan for Catalonia, National Directives and the Marketing Plan make up the Catalonia Tourism Strategy 2020.

The Strategic Tourism Plan for Catalonia defines the basic principles of the Catalan tourism model in the medium term and directs the tourism policy of all actors in the sector, both public and private, particularly that of the Government of Catalonia. It contains guidelines for developing a tourism model governed by criteria of ‘sustainable competitiveness’: a balance of tourism quality and quantity that enables future continuity to be ensured on the basis of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Catalonia.- A Land easy to explore

A trip around Catalonia is full of surprises. This is a small region that you can travel easily. By car, you can travel from north to south in three hours, combining   the beach  and mountains, city and  countryside, two cities, the combinations are infinite and will give the story colour.

When you arrive, the first thing you’ll notice is the diverse landscape. The Mediterranean shows up in the story. This sea bathes the entire coast, which affects the character of the people here. It has been an entry point for many civilisations and cultures who have together woven the history of Catalonia and formed the Catalan culture, with its own language and multiple expressions.

But the sea is not all. To the north, the Catalan  Pyrenees  rise imposingly as the second natural border, where the rural world coexists with the new visitors, and also the  18 Natural Parks  around the country.

The magnetism of Barcelona. Main icon of the tourist destination.

As well as the natural surroundings, we must not forget the urban, and in this category Barcelona is the star. The Catalan capital is modern and cosmopolitan, a vibrant city that begs to be explored on foot to discover its daily nature, its modernist architecture, the culture and the gastronomy. In Barcelona you want to be in the street because the sun shines most of the year and the temperatures are mild.

Another success that encourages the visit to Catalonia is its history and culture.

Culture will fill a few pages of your travel book. In the  Vall de Boí there is the largest set of Romanesque churches in Europe, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

In Tarragona the cultural legacy goes even further back in time to the splendour of the Roman Empire. The modernists can give you the omnipresent figure of the genius  Salvador Dalí on the Costa Brava or the architectural hallmark of Gaudí in Barcelona with its modernist buildings. A journey through this Catalonian history, its follow the Route of the Frontier Castles. The route can be travelled all at once, passing by the most noteworthy castles and fortifications open to visitors, or at a slower pace, journeying along the five sub-routes specialised by theme that follow the landmarks of the evolution of the Medieval frontier, from the course of the Llobregat to the land of the Segre and the Ebro, where we find the imposing castles of the Templars, Gardeny and Miravet.


Tourism has become a daily element in our lives. In the last 25 years the number of people travelling around the world has experienced a deep and constant growth.

With a general expansion of tourism, and Barcelona’s consolidation as a tourist destination in the global market, Avant Grup has kept its founders vocation and has managed to keep its leadership in the coach transport sector.

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