Summer activities. Sports tourism.
25 Jun 2018

Summer activities. Sports tourism.

Each year increases the offer of leisure and sports activities

Almost all destinations offer a wide range of options for active and adventure sports in summer.

Caving, windsurfing, canyonning, rafting, climbing, hiking routes, hydrospeed, bungee jumping, hot-air balloon rides, gliding, paintball… You can search our travel ideas to find the most exciting or entertaining option.

Discover all the tourist activities you can do in the towns and villages of Barcelona’s regions. There are so many proposals that you will not get to the end.

In the morning, a windsurfing lesson or a kayaking ride. In the afternoon, a water skiing session or optimist dinghy trip to feel the caress of the breeze on your face. The following day, a few cable jumps with the board, an introduction to stand-up paddle surfing or a spin on a jet ski.

Catalonia has a strong sporting tradition, which remains in force today, because each year there are over 40 international championships. Since 2003 the Catalan Tourism, which is the agency of the Government of the Generalitat with the function of promoting tourism in Catalonia, grants municipalities that meet certain conditions certified sports Sports Tourism Destination (DTE).

A Sports Tourism Destination (DTE) offer high quality services that enable the practice of sports or enjoy events and championships this field athletes, professionals, amateurs and also tourists.

The Catalan Tourist Board awards the Sports Holiday Destination label of approval to towns in Catalonia that provide quality sports infrastructure and services. This is a specialised label of approval aimed at a highly specific and high-quality market segment comprising: elite athletes; tourists whose holidays centre on sport; holiday-makers who engage in sporting activities in their leisure time; and visitors who enjoy attending major sporting events.

Certification of Sports Tourism Destination therefore aims to promote and market tourism linked with sports offered by municipalities with this stamp

CYCLETOURISM BY ROAD. A different touristic proposal.

Catalonia offers bike lovers the ideal conditions to travel on two wheels.

As Albert Einstein said.- Life is like riding a bicycle – in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving


Allow us to suggest an original kind of tourism. It is time to forget about timetables. For this trip the only thing you need is to be up for some fun, because everything including your bike is waiting for you at your destination. Catalonia has kilometres and kilometres of perfectly signposted tracks and trails with a host of welcome points to start from.


Following cycle-touring routes you will discover Catalonia’s traditions, fiestas, gastronomy, local people and monuments. By bike, however, you will also discover places in the Catalonia Pyrenees that a tourist bus simply does not get to. You will feel unique sensations of contrast as you head out of these mountains towards the Costa Brava through the luxuriant forests of Montseny. You can even visit coves on the Costa Dorada, unseen on organised tours.

An exceptional Mediterranean environment, Catalonia is a land where everything is within reach, yet, it plays host to a greatly diverse geography including mountain passes – in the Val d’Aran – and the large sandy beaches of the Costa Dorada. It’s a country offering tourists a rich natural and cultural heritage, as well as incredible and revered gastronomy, all of which perfectly complement a cycling adventure. Cuisine, art and history take cycle tourism and turn it into the complete experience. Throughout the journey, cyclists will encounter fantastically maintained roads, in addition to businesses and services designed to cater for their specific needs.

In Catalonia, road cycle tourism is an experience for everyone.

An ensemble of cyclist lodgings offer a service tailored to cycle tourists.

  • Flexible food service timetable.
  • Facilities to prepare picnics for sporting purposes.
  • Qualified staff who can recommend routes and provide technical advice.
  • Workshop space for cyclists to carry out basic repairs.
  • Secure on-site bicycle storage facilities.
  • Sales and repairs services.

Bicycling in Catalonia is very popular in great part due to an extensive network of well-marked cycling paths. The government is committed to improving cycling conditions in Spain, and Catalonia is no exception. Routes are often on dedicated paths, converted railways, rural paths or side roads with minimal traffic. Signs on the routes are easy to understand, making tours navigable even to a first-time cycle tourist. Information boards along many of the trails provide interesting historical and cultural information.

Another reason cyclists love Catalonia is the diversity of landscape. Cyclists can choose tours along the coast, across the inland farmland and countryside, or in the steep Pyrenees Mountains. The diversity of landscapes makes cycle touring in Catalonia attractive to seasoned cyclists, professionals, first-timers and families with children.

The climate in Catalonia is diverse but is generally moderate year-round. Of course, don’t forget about local seafood, regional delicacies, locally produced wines and champagnes that