Avant Grup Día de la Tierra
22 Apr 2022

Avant Grup Día de la Tierra

Today, April 22, we celebrated the International Mother’s Earth Day. The IPCC concludes that it is essential to reduce profoundly and, in most cases, immediately the emission of greenhouse gases in all sectors. Anton Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, declared that “it is time to stop burning our planet and start investing in the abundant renewable energy that surrounds us”.

On April 22, 1970, was declared the of World Earth Day celebration, because of the different demonstrations that took place around the world to protect the environment. Since then, April 22 is synonymous with respect, sustainability, and healthier actions for the protection of the planet.

Through our quality and sustainability standards set by our comprehensive Management System and Quality Policy, in the field of Digital Management of the transport service and providing vehicles with EUROVI engines. Avant Grup, contributes with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions having very aware when provide to our passengers transport services to our clients that also are committed to the need to reduce environmental pollution and the effects of climate change. For example, this same 22 April, Avant Grup will provide the turnaround services to move all the passengers and provide the excursions of the Aida Costa cruise, which are propelled by liquefied gas and therefore, it is a fuel that reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by 70%, eliminates almost 100% of sulphur oxide emissions and allows to reduce between 20-30% of CO₂ emissions.

Our environmental commitment has led us to adhere to the United Nations Pact, which specifies that companies, must maintain a preventive approach that helping the preservation of the environment.