CERVANTES YEAR. Tribute to Literature
29 Mar 2016

CERVANTES YEAR. Tribute to Literature

Sculpture of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

Spanish literature, one of the most important in the world.

If a jewel can claim the crown of our country, that is literature. One of the most important in the world, thanks to its quality and volume of their contributions in the cast of world literature; Spanish literature with which all generations have grown up today is, without doubt, unique history and tradition that we must guard and remember for ever and ever.

A milestone in the achievements of our most illustrious writers was made by Miguel de Cervantes, famous writer in Spanish of all time, who this year celebrates its fourth death centenary; 2016 a year to commemorate his work, but above all, to recall one of the authors who most influenced the literature of the time and marked the evolution of new golden stages in the world of the written novel.


Logo of the IV Centenary of the death of Cervantes


Illustrious that will be remembered throughout the world thanks to his work par excellence, worldwide recognized, Don Quixote, with this commemoration in its fourth centenary of death, from many public and private cultural institutions, has developed a program of activities in Spain that precisely ensure the memory of our most universal writer, as well as the contributions of his work and the importance of literature in our country. One way of bringing closer his life, work and the historical period that Cervantes lived to the public, especially those who are less familiar with it.

Don Quixote of La Mancha has been, is and will forever be a work of world reference, but not to the same extent the rest of the brilliant work of the writer, or the very figure of Cervantes. It is for this reason that, finding already immersed in the Cervantes year, this commemorative project has been released in order to program, promote and coordinate various activities to solemnize this event and help highlight the figure of Cervantes and his contribution to the world of letters and universal culture: exhibitions, theatre productions, tourist routes and a host of educational activities around the writer who changed everything and laid the foundations of the modern novel.

The appreciation of Don Quixote was obtained by the author with literary procedures, but without the human quality, the reality of this literary novel could have been totally different at the same time as another great literature, English and worldwide, William Shakespeare, who won the successes collected after his death, according to legend, the same day as Cervantes. Perhaps that is the surest way to explain the cosmopolitan fortune of Don Quixote: the charm that produces the figure of the protagonist (with the silhouette of Cervantes in the shadows), wildly implausible and definitely natural. A crazy and cartoonish gentleman, in front of great moments of lucidity and good sense of most human reasoning.

The most universal name in the history of Spain, Miguel de Cervantes, is indeed the true real character that often has been hidden by the projection of the quixotic figure of the protagonist of his great literary creation. A writer who had a hard life, a falling economy and compromised social situation but left among his vast literary work, this exceptional novel to the astonishment of the world: Don Quixote. With the celebration of the fourth centenary of his death, their intention is to analyse and disseminate the extraordinary life story of the great writer and his work. A tribute to the future of his work but, above all, a tribute to the man who did this and many more, possible.

Monument to the Miguel de Cervantes


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