Children and youth activities from home waiting for a return to normality.
21 Apr 2020

Children and youth activities from home waiting for a return to normality.

• The third social sector wants to contribute to the emotional well-being of children.

• The tourism sector designs its return to normality with the year 2021 in mind.

In the BLOG of March 18th, reference was made to the initiatives of the culture sector to deliver virtual activities to be carried out from home and with the family. “The Culture taken home”. 

These types of initiatives have benefited numerous families who have already been confined for many weeks. The social sector has also been one of the most active in providing solutions for families who may have had material to entertain children and young people at home. Apart from the social work of the third sector, especially in the provision of aid and food to the most disadvantaged, the creation of support activities for all families has also been a platform that has served to manage the daily lives of children. Entities such as Fundesplai, created a proposal of 21 activities to carry out from homes, in which they offered proposals for making crafts, board games or cooking with the family, among others. On the other hand, it has proposed an “Scape Room” designed to play with a computer, tablet or mobile phone. It is a game with an approximate duration of one hour and that serves to promote cooperation in families. There are other entities that have also organized virtual activities, such as the Pere Tarrés Foundation that launched a digital campaign to offer families educational resources for these days of confinement or the Casal dels Infants that presents an offer to access study programs, training and academic orientation, or to virtual meeting spaces located on its web platform.

Apart from these different proposals that can help families manage the stay of children and young people confined in each home, the option that the different governments of the European Union have begun to consider to allow controlled departures of the smallest will provide value additional to families. It will also serve to begin taking the first steps towards a return to normality, although severe restrictions will still be necessary. From the sector and from families, it is expected to have the option of enjoying summer activities for children and young people from this July.

In the tourism sector, these weeks of confinement, companies and public bodies are working intensively to prepare a return to normality just when the state of alarm decreed by the government can be terminated. In any case, the international recovery of the sector will be linked to the perception of security that each tourist destination can guarantee. Although Spain is still quite behind in this regard, private companies and tourism promotion organizations are working to regain this trust in the destination. Studies have been published on the results of consultations carried out in recent weeks to find out family preferences when it comes to having the option to travel again. The demands towards an environment of nature, rural and not given to large crowds are the first preferences highlighted by the families consulted and serve as a reference to destinations to prepare their products and services based on these opinions. The first market that would be launched would be the domestic one, since families have a preference to make small proximity outings or to move to second homes. Tourism will be domestic in every way. At least in the first days when a certain normality is allowed. The coastline may be another of the chosen destinations, but domestic demand would not cover the levels of tourism supply as we have known it up to now. Therefore, the sector will change.

Activities in a natural environment are among the first preferences for when to return to normal situation

Another of the parameters to follow to know travel and movement trends are the airlines’ booking platforms, which will be the first to receive information on travel intentions, whether for leisure or business. The revival in the tourism sector will be marked by the ability of airlines to operate, since once there is permission to fly again, the companies will open their reservation platforms and take off their planes. The Airports Council International (ACI World), already has a planned roadmap to get going once the restrictive measures in force until now are reduced. An action plan has been foreseen where it is foreseen that the first routes will be short-haul (basically domestic), to continue with the proximity routes between nearby countries and finally launch the transatlantic or long-distance lines. The results of the first reserves will be the first step to begin the recovery of the sector and the markets. In any case, new travel rules will have to be established because protocols could change, especially in air, sea or land transport such as the train, subway or bus. These new rules would also affect common spaces such as restaurants, hotels, convention centers and other venues that until now have had the capacity to accommodate large numbers of visitors. The situation is so complex that there is still no unitary criterion on the changes to be applied. It will be necessary to work in depth and wait for the evolution of the situation in each country to take the corresponding measures and have sufficient flexibility to make modifications depending on the changes or requirements that demand may produce. In this sense, we will have to go back to the beginning – The international recovery of the sector will be linked to the perception of security that each tourist destination can guarantee.-.

To put a positive note, the feeling with which the different segments of the tourism sector work is that once the revival begins, a fairly rapid evolution could occur in the movement of people. If the current forecasts expected from this summer allow travel options, it would make it easier to extend the holiday season into September and October and that families can enjoy attractive tourist proposals to recover from all these months of confinement.


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