Avant Grup is a coach company in Barcelona, that was founded in 2004, as the result of the integration of the coach companies Bardet and Canals – two family companies with more than 50 years experience in the road transport sector. It currently has different head offices across the whole of Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Seville.

With the vocation and commitment of satisfying the needs of our clients, Avant Grup was formed as an innovative comprehensive logistics platform of transport services. It is highly technical and professional, and capable of attending efficiently to the services the national and international market demands, Spain and Portugal being the main focus.

The main objective of the people who form the Avant Grup team is to offer a comprehensive proposal of solutions for the mobility of people. This vocation, has allowed us to generate new areas of interconnection and commitment with society and their needs of transport.

From Avant Grup, coach company with head office in Barcelona, we contribute differentiating values, that distinguish us from the rest of companies in our sector. These values are guaranteed by our long trajectory and accumulated experience. This new proposal includes improvements in the management of logistics, technology, training of our professionals, a constant innovation and a commitment with respecting the environment. We count on a wide modern fleet of coaches in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Seville and Lisbon, with more than 160 vehicles, such as minibuses, coaches with different capacities, private vehicles and luxury vans with drivers.

All our coaches are equipped with the most advanced security and comfort systems, driven by professional experts whom are perfectly well-informed and in possession of the information necessary in order to carry out correctly the performance of their work, in a system of continuous training, that allows them to acquire new knowledge and experience on secure and efficient driving.

At Avant Grup, coach company in Barcelona and Madrid, we offer a broad proposal of services, which makes us stand out from the rest: school transportation, services for businesses, transfers, round trips and excursions, transportation for conferences, conventions and events, leisure, cruise services, private transport and transportation for sporting and cultural entities. We always look for the most efficient and adjusted solution to whatever needs necessary.

If you would like to enjoy comfort, security and elegance, in a fleet where every little detail counts, with an innovative design – in the interior as well as the exterior – and live the experience of a trip you’ll never forget, all you have to do is trust in the biggest and most modern fleet of coaches in Barcelona and Madrid.


Let us know the needs of your trip, whether its a simple transfer, a visit to a different city, an excursion or the organization of the most complex congress, and leave it up to us.


Avant Grup counts on different operative bases, distributed amongst the different localities in Spain and Portugal. Our wide offer covering all services facilitates our clients with a global and integrated solution in the whole of the Spain. Our reservation system is centralized in the office in BARCELONA and Madrid, that is in charge of attending during 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the different needs of mobility our clients all over the world may need. Avant Grup, coach company in Barcelona and Madrid offers an unbeatable service, comfortable and secure for our clients.

Avant Grup constitutes a new comprehensive logistics platform service that includes an innovative IT management system that allows online contracting and the personalised management of services. The company has a technical investigation and development department that counts on the support and financing of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of the government of Spain that allows us to strengthen our innovative projects.

“La recompensa del trabajo bien hecho es la oportunidad de hacer más trabajo bien hecho”


Jonas Edward Salk


Avant Grup originated in the late ’50s when two young entrepreneurs begun their business adventures by founding their coach companies.  In a hard social time, in which our country’s economy began to re-emerge very slowly, they saw with clarity that in a near future people would have a need for transportation.

Autocares Canals in Barcelona and Bardet Autocares in Sabadell (Western Vallès)  grew and developed in parallel due to their personal and family efforts.

Two family businesses that consolidated themselves as referents in the tourist coach market. Mainly due to the tourism development in Barcelona, as well as to the 1992 Olympic Games, and also to their efforts in adapting fleets and structures in both companies to the new needs in the market.

In the early 21st century and facing the new needs in Barcelona with a growth in cruises and congresses activity they decided to start a new and innovative project. They founded a new company and unified the corporate image of the two different coach companies and fleets with one single goal. To face, and respond to, the challenge of this new horizon. This is how Avant Grup was born.

The result is a company group that offers an aesthetically homogeneous fleet with over 180 units among coaches, minibuses, vehicles and luxury vans with private driver.



Our mission and goal is to fulfil our customer’s expectations. In Avant Grup we work wit an integral management system in order to keep improving the processes constantly. We implement quality controls in all of our functional departments with a tight control and follow up, in order to guarantee the best service quality for our customers.


We are committed to the environment conservation. By improving our energetic efficiency and generating a sustainable economic activity we emphasize in a rational usage of our resources. We collaborate with companies and institutions with the sole goal of implanting a sustainable collective transport. It is one of our commitments and we won’t give up on finding new solutions to become greener and greener.


Our staff training plans —either if they are drivers or technical staff— allows them to improve their knowledge and abilities. Due to our continuous improvement systems we detect our technicians and drivers formative needs. This allows us to design formative strategies to ensure the professional development and proper qualification of our staff as well as to ensure a better quality in our service.


We understand that there are things that are not worth gambling on so in order to be able to feel at peace, ourselves and our customers, we go one step ahead of the safety regulations. Our coaches, minibuses and luxury vehicles with driver, have all the required safety systems incorporated. We also keep a maintenance plan that grants that our fleet is in perfect condition every time.


The ISO quality certification according to the UNE 9001:2018 regulation, as well as the SICTED Tourism Quality badge, and our control and quality controls grant the daily satisfaction of thousands of users.


We think of innovation as the road to permanent quality, that is why we commit to the usage of new technologies as a work tool in all of our management processes and as a mean to improve our response capabilities and our customer service.
Our R&D department is also constantly working on new ways to improve our own systems, as well as developing and adapting proposals of green transport. Avant Grup is always ahead in innovation.
Además, nuestro departamento de I+D trabaja permanentemente en la mejora de nuestros propios sistemas y en el desarrollo y adaptación de propuestas de transporte sostenible. Avant Grup, siempre a la vanguardia de la innovación.


Quality, our reason for being.


Certified with the ISO distinctions in UNE 9001: 2015, ISO 13816, ISO39001, ISO45001, ISO 14001. The Biosphere certification of commitment to tourist sustainability and the Distinctive of Environmental Quality Guarantee; our control and quality systems guarantee the daily satisfaction of thousands of users.


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The 50 years of experience in our history allows us to offer better quality solutions in our services.

We specialize in tourism areas like, congresses, conventions, and cruises in this field we manage —daily— the mobility of thousands of people in their transfers, visits, day trips, etc.

We put at your disposal a team of experts in logistics and transport management and organization.

A modern fleet with an elegant aesthetics and a wide variety of vehicles, in the hands of our professional drivers in continuous training, ensures the success in our services.

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Turismo 30%
Congresos y Convenciones 25%
Cruceros 18%
Transporte Escolar 12%
Entidades y Asociaciones 10%
Otros 5%